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Just Saw A Rheumatoloist--Now What?
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P.R. - July 20

Hi! I have many of the fibro symptoms since at least April of this year (some possibly even as early as last year), except I was not sensitive to touch during my appointment with the rheumatologist last week. The rheumatologist wanted me to get another blood test, he said it may be fibro, or an auto-immune disease that attacks the muscles. The office called today--everything came back normal (which has been the case with all the tests I've had so far). They said that he was prescribing me a muscle relaxer to help with sleep (I either can't get to sleep, or I wake up several times a night). I should come back to see him in about two to three months.
Is "here, take this pill and call me in two to three months" normal in trying to diagnose Fibro? Or am I getting pushed aside and need to get a second opinion? How's the muscle relaxer going to help diagnose or rule out Fibro?


Lynne - July 19

I would get a second opinion and also keeping a daily journal of symptoms may help.
Do you have a doctor that you have seen on a regular basis who you could talk to?


Carrie - July 19

Hello PR. There was a suggestion somewhere on this site to contact a FMS support group in your area, if you aren't confident your MD is helping you figure this out. Go to the meeting or call the organizer and ask if they know of any MD's or rheumotologists that are supportive. I understand the MD's need to look at all possibilities of illness, that's what they need to do. My previous MD didn't believe in the diagnosis of FMS, but she didn't offer enough support for all my pain either. Muscle relaxants are one approach. There's also a lot of self-help advice on this site. It's very frustrating, I know. Especially when your "regular" life just slips away. I hope you have better days ahead. Carrie


Lynne - July 20

I posted this a while back, There are many ways go to a support group in your area, if you need help in locating one I can help you there too. Look on the internet look for a rheumetolgist, neurologist or a psychiatrist (I have a really great one) check out and see if they have a website that lists what conditions they treat.


P.R. - July 20

Thanks for your replies! Can I go to a support group if I haven't officially been diagnosed with FM?
The muscle relaxer they gave me is actually a low dose antidepressant--the generic for Elavil. I'm not sure how me taking this will help my rheumatologist make a diagnosis...


Lynne - July 20

Yes they should let you in and hopefully you will get the answers you are seeking, I wish you the best of Luck! I am also on Elavil it helps me sleep at night I used to wake up 4-7 times a night screaming ooooooouch, I was in so much pain. The Elavil and muscle relaxers helped so much I take both before bedtime, and on bad days I also take a sleeping pill not to mention the other drugs I take throughout the day.



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