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Just one of those nights
4 Replies
Bezzy - October 18

Hi everyone

Does anyone else just have one of those nights when every sound and movement wakes you up. That was me last noght and today I feel like a wrung out cloth.

The pain in my right hip and lower back is not helping, here's hoping for a better night tonight.

Take care everyone


BrandyO - October 18

Hi Beezy.... I think we all go through this. I have good nights and bad nights. They seem to run in cycles. When I have those bad nights I try to figure out what it was that I did during the day or week that might have contribute to this. I usually can't. It happens so randomly. I can sleep great for weeks then bam... I have a bad night or a week (or more) of bad nights. Then just as quickly as the bad nights came on, there gone again. I take Zanaflex and Tegretol at night. I hope you have a better nights sleep tonight. Sweet dreams! Brandy


AmberRose - October 19

I am like that every night! Its worse when i have awake like nightmares, i dont know if that make sense but im sort of sleeping and wake up a little and then i get nightmares..sometimes i have 3 a night becuase im such a light sleeper. Its horrible! and of course my husband snores super loud and rolls around and pulls blankets....then he has these crazy dreams where he thinks hes working....i can be awake for hours wishing it was leagal to bash him over the head with a cast iron frying pan! (allthough i wouldnt really do it...)


carm - October 19

Yes, I have had nights like that. Two just recently I think it has something to do with the pain and we don't sleep as restfully so we hear everything and anything will wake us up. Also feel bad the next day.


BrandyO - October 19

AmberRose, My hubby snores too. When it bothers me I use earplugs. They are wonderful. He snores so loud sometimes I still hear him but the earplugs filter out enough that it doesn't bother me at all. You should try them. I get mine at Walmart.



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