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just found out about fibro, have a question please..
4 Replies
nishma - April 9

hello dear people!,
i have just found out this thing exist about two days ago, after seeing a story about it in the local news, and after living with symptoms which fit, for almost 3 years, switching doctors without any answers or success. i was actually already giving up already, said to myself, maybe this are problems i'm causing to myself from my own mind, and maybe also caused by my bad diet etc, and guess i have to live with it , but now knowing that it MIGHT be something with a title does give hope, becuase it will help me know i am not going insine (with the memory problems, and fog problems i've been reading about)

now i do have a question!

i read, that Diagnosing fibro is done by checking some pressure points for pain. but i've also seen that fibro is very diffrant from person to person, could it be that the pressure points wont be hurtfull to me? so the doc will say "ok, u dont have it" but i still do have it?? ( i am male, 23 years old now and it all started 3 years ago )

thank you!


JJ1 - April 10

I do not have the tender points but still have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.


Jeannie3 - April 10

When the rheumy checked me for pressure/target sites he only did 4 and
said I had fibro, because I had all the other symptoms. Hope this helps.


nishma - April 10

yes thank you both! ,by now i also got to read a whole bunch more of things about diagnostics and i see it's not only this, and it does based also about the symptoms, and i found more and more symptoms which i have, that i see are known and seem to be part of fibro (everytime i read something, which to me is by now natural, and see - hey, that's another symptom!) ,so well, thanks , i'll just wait for an apoitment and see what goes, i just got a little excited finding out about all of this, seeing so many things which are just like mine, things which i thought are unexplainable and now i see how it all connects (well - may connect, if i have it) ,i begin to write to much and talk to my self, so good night ladies and thank you again.


mhuerta909 - April 10

I had symptoms for about three years. My doctor had tried different tests and they all came back normal. I had tests for lupus, even had DNA test done to check for lupus. I didnt start having pain in the pressure points until almost 2 years ago. He thought maybe it was due to nerve damage. I was finally diagnosed when I explained that a family member on my husbands side was diagnosed. So he checked the pressure points, asked more question about my memory, anxiety ( I am also bipolar) etc. He then told me that his wife was just diagnosed. I am finding more and more problems since then relating to fibro.



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