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Just feel like crying...
4 Replies
iliveinpain - September 1

I'm at work and I'm sitting at my desk, pain from head to toe, depressed... Depressed especially because the latest thing my doctors promised was going to make me feel better, hasn't. I started hormone replacement therapy, mega doses of prescription Vit. D and DHEA supplements, xanax for sleep, etc. Yesterday I was feeling so good, I almost got on here and was going to spread the good news to everyone!! Last nite it started again, couldn't sleep, got up in agony, and have to drag my sorry butt in to work, where I have to try to put on the fake happy face for everyone. I just can't do it today. I get so hopeful with every new thing I try, thinking this is the thing that's finally going to help. But I guess there are no miracles to be had for us. This woman just walked by and like imitated my sad face, which just made me angry. I wanted to tell her to try sitting here feeling like your shoulders and head are in a vice, and see how happy she'll be.

sorry for the rant guys, it's just one of those days that life doesn't seem worth living, and I needed to get it off of my chest :(


pfiinch - September 1

aI understand I was like that Thurs.-Sunday and one of my co-workers made me bawl.At least one oof them came and took over my desk so I could get away for a minute.My hands were in flames and feet killing me and my back and ribs made it almost impossiable to breat.I on the same page if they could just have an hour once when we are worst.Sure wish that could happen.
We are here just for that get it off your chest for you don't need the added stress.It only makes it worst I have been writing on different boards to keep my mind off it.It really helps to keep yourself busy.Plus figure out what is the best way to take your meds.Which I hope you have.God Bless You.Keep your chin up.


iliveinpain - September 1

thanks for replying. It really does help to know I'm not alone and I thank GOD for this site, and am sending out hugs to all my fibro friends here. Love you guys!!! :)


m.e. - September 2

I am sorry for your pain and sadness, iliveinpain. We all can relate here at least. We each as individuals become our own science experiments. People who don't have this have absolutely no idea how hard it is to live, to go to work, to take care of our kids and homes. It is overwhelming. But you have friends here who truly understand. I am learning to slowly accept the hills of this rollercoaster is very inconsistent and tricky. I had some crappy moments today and now for a few minutes am feeling good. I went on Cymbalta yesterday and like you get excited at new treatments, only to be let down. Hopefully this will work, but I hate to get my hopes up once again. Hang in there and try to rest and be good to yourself. Focus on you and your needs as best you can. Take care. m.e.


pfiinch - September 6

M.E.I am into the next week and finally have my meds regulated.I had not take my cymbalta for 5 days.I had my Spouse bring it to me and within1/2 my hands just went to a dull numb feeling.So I know now to to forget it.This week been prety good just about 3 bad days out of 7 not bad.
Please stay with your cymbalta and other meds.It takes us to figure out what our body needs and works for us.It could take months to get it right just always give it time to work and don't over take.It does take some time to get into your system and make your brain and body work with you.
I sure hope you take that vacation because you need the break I prayed for you on another post.I hope and pray that you let God help you because that is what he is for.#1 in your life,trust and faith in him.Good luck and thank you.May our Father help you threw your days.Have fun and relax.Patti F



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