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Just Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
9 Replies
The Mac - October 9

and im not sure how to feel about it to be honest. One hand hand im glad i finally know what it is. A little backstory. I used to be a security guard here in Edmonton before i ruptured my achilles tendon and got fired. During my 6 months recovery i was diagnosed with sciatica which i had always thought maybe i had screwed up my back after being in a car accident at 14. What was supposed to be just a 6 month lay off has now turned into over 3 years of inactivity. My son was born just before i screwed up my leg and now i have a almost 2 year old daughter as well. The sad(at least i think so anyways) of this whole thing is im only 23. sorry if im kinda dumping all this its hard to talk with people here which likely is why ive been on anti depressents for the last year. the constant pain i guess, went from taking oxycodone,t`4`s and 600 mgs ibuprophen to just the 4`s and ibys. and now im on this nerve pill thats supposed to help with all this idk its just so frustrating escpecially when it gets thrown in my face by my girlfriend everyday that i cant work and how she does when i pushed my body to the brink for the first 2 years we were together working 72 hour weeks untill my body finally just snapped. wow kinda feel better after that i promise usually not this crazy sounding just its a very frustrating situation i always thought this was a old persons problem.


Jocelyn - October 11

This is definately not an old problem, many people start out with Fibro when they are young and it develops slowly over the years, for others, it just hits like a brick wall.

Medication is individualized as well, what works for one, does not work for another.

One question, does you lower back hurt you? The reason I ask, is that one of my main problems was my lower back and after therapy for it, I have improved immensely. Sometimes there are knots that cause pain and it generates to other places.

Good Luck...hang in there.


The Mac - October 12

ya ive always had pain in my lower back but it suually radiated down from the middle so i figured it was more tied in to my sciatica then anything else


Jocelyn - October 15

Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I had a big party and I am exhausted and trying to work.

You need to take care of the pain that is radiating from any spot on your body. You will be surprised to find out how far one knotted muscle or an inflammed muscle can cause and radiate pain. I have reduced a lot of my pain by going to PT and learning streches and how to help my muscles loosen up. Since you have been in a car accident and have had trauma you may find it helpful to seek a PT before the drugs. Try a PT that has a lazer maching. The lazer helped me out so much.


bbaby1337 - October 15

im 21 recently diagnosed what i thought was just birth defects and just plain ol arthritis setting in turned into pain sensations like the pain was crawling around my body. finally i had had enough made an appointment with a primary and he drew some blood to rule out ra then he sent to a rheumatolgist and im thankful now i know my migraines my foggy headiness, painful crawling sensations,sensivity to temperature, pressure, humidity changes, my night driving difficulty and i often have sensory overload where everything is happening too fast and all i need is to get to myself in a quiet place and get myself back to where i can function. thankfully my doctor put a name to this i hated to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then i found out i had a family history of it.. Main thing is managing the flare ups and dealing with the pain and its hard and currently im fighting with my doctor who thinks all i want is a pain pill i hate taking the pills but if i have to to keep the pain manangable then i will. Hope This helps


boomer - November 14

i have just been diagnosed by my primary care provider. luckily she also has fibro. but i have seen others who thought all i wanted was pills. i have had migraines all my life. im getting more sensitive to light and the weather. i cant tell you how releived i was yesterday when i found out i do really have a condition and im not just getting older .


January - November 15

I had migraines for 40 years. A really specialized endodontist found I had infected upper molars (from badly done root canals), and they had caused a growth in my sinus. Had the molars cleaned out and the growth removed - no more migraines!


January - November 15

The Mac - Jocelyn is right - please try physical therapy before you let them start you on the standard fibromyalgia drugs (antidepressants). They only work for about half of us, the problem is, if you are one they don't work for, they are very addictive and hard to stop taking. And for some of us they cause the problems they are supposed to treat. It's best to try less potent methods first, like PT and the laser she mentioned. Also, acupuncture can help a lot for back pain.

It is really depressing when you realize you are going to have to deal with this disease, so try to find a doctor who like, who listens and understands you. It's also very hard when the loved ones in your life don't support you! They can't "see" pain, so a lot of them just don't get it. Please stick up for yourself and try to educate them. It's not your fault, this is something that happened TO you.

This a great support group. Nobody here will criticize you for talking about how you feel - even if you feel really depressed. We all go through it! Come back and talk when you want to! Here's hoping you'll be able to get some ideas that will help you feel better. Most people who manage this disease well are the ones who don't give up, but keep researching and reading and talking to others until they find things that help! I keep stumbling across new information that helps me. Piece by piece! You have to be your own advocate, so hang in there! Hope you feel better soon.


boomer - November 16

thank you so much for the advice, im really worried about taking meds because you never really know what it's gonna do to ya.


January - November 20

Hi boomer, Before you start on on any of the typically prescribed fibro drugs, I highly recommend you read Dr. Peter Breggin's book, Your Drug May Be Your Problem. I used his book when I was trying to get myself weaned off antidepressants. They interact with so many things (things as simple as Benadryl!) and cause all kinds of physical problems - but it hasn't been litigated enough yet. Still, all you have to do is type the name of any drug they want to give you in the good bar and add the word "lawsuit." Enlightening!

Good luck to you - there are lots of ways to find out what's CAUSING the fibromyalgia pain and exhaustion. That's what we all need to be treating.



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