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Just Diagnosed and after some answers
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Kazz - April 21

I was only diagnosed a few days ago - I was convinced I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and went to 3 different drs as they all seemed to see this tattoo on my forhead that nobody else could see stating DEPRESSED and would fob me off telling me to just take these pills - anyway I went to the 3rd Dr explained it all - he tested my bloods and just about everything else and found nothing so sent me to a rheumatologist who listened to my history looked at my blood results (all normal) pressed a few points on my body and told me I had FM I said but my Dr told me it didnt show up in my bloods and he said you cant test for it in blood tests you just have to rule everything else out first and go by the history and the pressure points. He also said I have a degree of CFS with it but I have more FM but that its not uncommon for people with FM to have CFS as well.

My questions - well I have many LOL but he gave me antidepressant endep telling me it will help my sleep patterns (I have bad insomnia) and an anti-inflamitory drug called Celebrex (Im in Australia so I dont know if the drug names differ) but he then said go to the library and look FM up on the internet and all you can do is learn to manage it - there is no cure - he told me to not nap during the day - start a sport or go to the gym - I said ok so when do I come back and he said come back in 4 months if your not managing it by then. My latest Dr seems really open to helping me (unlike the others) so Im sure he will give me a general idea.

I got home from my appointment with my new diagnosis and rang the arthritis assoc (in Australia) who also deal with FM and they said do only a little exercise - gentle exercise like Tai Chi but make it regular - I then spoke to another group and they said that exercise is a really controversial thing. I have found that walking around for as little as 10 mins is too much for me but other days I can walk around for 2 hours (but suffer that night and the next day) I was also told that a heated pool doing water exercise was good (this seems to be the only thing that everyone says) there are plenty of support groups around me but none within 1 hours drive from me so Im kind of feeling up in the air - I dont know what I should do. I just got told this is what you have - now go learn about how to manage it and pushed out the door.

Thanks for any suggestions :)


Ted E Bear - April 21

Exercise IS important, but start out slow, build up gradually and stick with it! Even if you feel good, don't over do or like you said, you'll pay for it the next day



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