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Chuck - September 14

I have been to several doctors and none were able to help me. The chronic pain and sleeplessness were bad enough, but the IBS added on top of it with the foggy head - well all too much and no clear diagnosis. Then I went to a new doctor today who very patiently listened and said all this was Fibromyalgia. I had never heard of it before today. I am releaved that all this has a name now, but what can I expect now? Will this pain ever go away or is it going to be constant? Will my energy level every come back? Will the IBS calm down? Just what can I expect?


Joni - September 13

Good morning Chuck. With Fibro, there are good days & bad days. When you have a good day, don't overdue it or you will pay for it. I find esp the 2nd day after working hard it hits me bad with pain. If there is an activity I plan to attend, I try to "bank" energy for several days b4, then plan down time several days after. When you are tired, sleep. Don't make let people make you feel guilty for being "lazy". They do not understand! Hopefully the IBS will calm down, but keep fiber on hand for constipation. Fibro will not cripple you (altho there may be days u feel like it) & it will not shorten life span. Do things that are nice for yourself everyday! Little things that don't have to cost money. Try to stay relaxed, less stress, upbeat if you can (it is tough!) Knowledge is power, research as much as you can. Many try to alter their diet to eliminate processed foods, pop, tomatoes, citrus, sugar,etc & say that it helps. We understand what you are going thru. I hope you have better days & learn to adjust to live with this terrible disorder/condition/illness. Sorry for your pain, no fun to live that way... Just know there are people who care & do understand! Hugs...Joni


Jean - September 14

Hi Chuck. I will add to educate your family and friends so that it will be easier for you. Having the family and friend support group is comforting plus you have us. They do have medication for IBS that may help until you gain control and knowing what to eat does help, like Joni said. This is a very tough illness to cope with but that is why we have support groups. You will have times of anxiety and depression because dealing with pain and discomfort gets tiring. Hope you have an understanding doctor, sounds like you do. Just communicate to him. Take Care, we are here for you.



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