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just can't take it anymore
7 Replies
jrzgirl1 - March 18

I don't work, he is unemployed, and it is getting bad here, I now have to pay my own medical bills, I get ss from him but since it is HIS HOUSE and all the screaming and cursing( our poor dog is a wreck) f this and fu, I have had enough. I have to do something as this is escalating, the stress alone is making me sick, he is in charge of all the income, it is all a secret except joint acc't but he moves money around alot, I realize I really do not belong anywhere and am worth nothing to anyone, never have I felt so bad, enough is enough
please pray for me


slb71 - March 18

I ABSOLUTELY will pray for you! I am so so sorry for your situation. I will pray that God will help direct you in decisions needing to be made. Stay strong even when it seems impossible.


Fantod - March 18

jrzgirl1 - I am so sorry that this situation continues. You've been so much with all of your medical issues lately. The stress has to be unbearable. Please call the National Domestic Abuse hotline: 1-800-799-7233. You are being abused. Get some support and help to get out of there.

Also, an attorney could help you understand what you are entitled to financially. I think that your husband is fairly secure in thinking that you will not challenge him. Your husband is a bully. A first visit to an attorney for a consultation is usually free. I think that you would feel less desperate if you really knew and understood what options were available to you. Knowledge with action is power.

I will keep you in my daily prayers. God Bless you and keep you safe during this difficult time in your life.


Fantod - March 18

Does your partner:
Embarrass you with put-downs?
Look at you or act in ways that scare you?
Control what you do, who you see or talk to or where you go?
Stop you from seeing your friends or family members?
Take your money or Social Security check, make you ask for money or refuse to give you money?
Make all of the decisions?
Tell you that you’re a bad parent or threaten to take away or hurt your children?
Prevent you from working or attending school?
Act like the abuse is no big deal, it’s your fault, or even deny doing it?
Destroy your property or threaten to kill your pets?
Intimidate you with guns, knives or other weapons?
Shove you, slap you, choke you, or hit you?
Force you to try and drop charges?
Threaten to commit suicide?
Threaten to kill you?
If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these questions,
you may be in an abusive relationship.


kvc33 - March 19

Excellent posts, Fantod. jrzgirl1, you've said enough is enough many times yet you continue to stay with this man. Do you really think that being on your own will be worse? If you can't do it for yourself, do it for your dog. He doesn't deserve to be in a bad environment either. GET A LAWYER AND GET OUT. The devil is lying to you by telling you that you are not worth anything and using your husband to deliver the message. Many of us are on our own and living on a low income. It can be done. Watch 'It's a New Day' to hear God speak to you.


toots2889 - March 19

Enough is Enough, you need to put up or shut up! Im sorry if that seems harsh, but we cant help you, unless your willing to help yourself first. I have offered you my phone# and everything else I can think of to try to help you, but you dont use it. If your as miserable as you say you are, then get out and dont take his abuse anymore! I to am on my own, with 2 kids to raise, and doing just fine. If I can do it, so can you. Ive been thru hell and back in my lifetime already, and I just keep fighting. The choice is yours, you can get out and start a new life for yourself, or stay in the life your in where your miserable, unhappy, and cant take it anymore! I will pray that you make the right decision, and stick to it.


Fantod - March 19

toots2889 is correct, you must be willing to help yourself. Many people have offered you repeated support and suggestions over the past couple of years regarding this issue. Reclaim a sense of self worth by leaving this bully once and for all. You will survive and there is a very good chance that your health will improve. God has a better plan for you than the life that you currently live. You can and should take the first step to living a happier and peaceful life. It is the best thing that I have ever done for myself. The dog deserves a calmer home too. Take him with you. In my estimation, your husband deserves to die alone. Take care.


vavaughn - March 19

I echo all the comments here. You really must take the next step to help yourself. I know that is diffcult when you feel like you are not worth it. Know ARE worth it! You are worth a better life! You are also worth having less stress in your life to help your fibro. Stress is one of the biggest contributors to our flare-ups. Please seek help for your abuse because you ARE worth it!



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