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Just call me grandma!!!!!
10 Replies
ptalana - October 30

Hi guys, my hubby and I are ecstatic to welcome another little grandbaby. Little baby Oliver arrived this morning at a little past 2am, weighing in at 7.55lbs. He's in the intensive care unit due to excess fluid in his lungs, please say a little prayer for our little guy.
This is our fifth grandchild, wow how did that happen!!!!! After all I'm only 29 (not) lol. We can't wait to meet this little guy, my daughter and her hubby live in London, ON. Hopefully tomorrow, with all being well with little Oliver.
Just thought I'd share a little sunshine on such a gloomy day:)
Take care all, Patty


axxie - October 31

Congrats ptalana, Oliver will be your little ray of sunshine. I just can't get a hold of the 29 years young, I must be just in my teen then... lol

Go see that beautiful grand baby, we will keep your little Oliver in our prayers.



lorieholtz - October 31

congrats ptalana nothing like another grandchild, i have 9 lol lottts. yes i will remember him in my prayers and just like axxie said go see him and hold that baby of urs. what a most beautiful moment in someones life.


Noca - October 31

My body feels like that of a grandpa and im only 23...


ptalana - November 1

Thanks guys for all the well wishes and prayers, looks like we'll really need them. Our little Oliver is being transferred to Sick Kids for heart surgery.
Thanks all, Patty


solanadelfina - November 2

He'll be in my prayers tonight. Congratulations, and what wonderful news to have another little one to spoil and watch over.


belle1329 - November 2

Congrats grandma! My prayers are with Oliver.
My grandchildren are my world :)


HDBosworth - November 3


This is my first posting on a blog. This is very new to me. I normally don't have the time or energy, but I need to find a support group. I am 42 years old and I have suffer from FM for 3 or 4 years. I also have IBS, Dyspepsia, Barrett's esophagus with displasia, and most recent issue is a polyp in my gallbadder.

Believe is or not I still have the "Can do" additude. God's has a plan for me and it must have something to do with my many health problems. I have been thinking about starting a FMS support group in my church. Is that His well? I don't know yet, but I will know in time.

Ask God for help and ask others to pray for you. God loves you and He does have a plan for you and your illness.



axxie - November 3

Hey ptalana, hope Oliver is doing ok, and as always you and your family are in our prayer.

Keep up the spirit girl, and carry that love in your soul.


axxie - November 3

Hello HDBosworth

By reading your post, you are indeed a 'can do person'. I just have this distinc impression that you will get to do your FMS group. It's always a welcome, to have people like you and others who do lots for mankind.

Keep it up, girl, as always you have the attitude of 'can do'.

I think our site should use the 'can do' for all of us with fms.


Fantod - November 3

Congratulations on the safe arrival of Oliver!



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