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Just a request, I woud like to know if u are on Cymbalta
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axxie - April 9

Hi me again, another request, this is for my personal knowledge, who is on Cymbalta and what is your dose, I seem to stuck on 60mg and I'm not sure if the doctor is willing to up it, as I seem to think it's powers are going away. I don't want to go on Lyraca again, but then anyone on Sevalla?


tnichel - April 9

Yep, and I love it. I was previously on Lyrica. My doc says he likes Cymbalta b/c you don't have to play around with the doses like with lyrica. I take 60mg a day. Your doc may adjust your other meds but I don't know anyone taking a cymbalta dosage higher than 60mg. I'm on amitriptylene too. My doc asked if I wanted to up that dose but I said no b/c makes me really sleepy and I already over-sleep on almost a daily basis.My shooting pains immediately disappeared when I switched. good luck!


lynmartin - April 29

Hi, there! I have been taking Cymbalta 60mg for about 2 1/2 years. It has been a miracle for me. Before Cymbalta I had frequent shooting pains all over my body and horrible vertigo. I also experienced what I call an electrical feeling all over. I still have frequent pain and many other symptoms but the vertigo and electrical feeling are very rare now. I recently missed 2 doses while waiting for prior authorization from my doctor for my new pharmacy. My worst symptoms returned by the evening of the first day. By the second day I was bed-ridden. It reminded me just how sick I really am. Hope this helps!


colleen steele - April 30

Hi Axxie,I have been on cyambalta for years. I take 90 mgs. A day. I do real good on it and would recommed it to anyone. What kind of insurance do you you have? I am on medicare and have people's choices 65 and have never had a problem getting them filled. Also I get them from my psych. dr and don't if that would make a difference to your insurance co.,but it may be worth a try. Hope it helps and good luck and good health to you.....................Colleen


axxie - May 4

Hi coleen steele

I've been on Cymbalta 60mg, and it helps me but I'm not sure if I need more or less. I like that fact that cymbalta 60 mg takes care of my head and almost takes care of my physical symptoms, but sometimes (more frequently now) is I have tension headaches and my body just aches. I have been to see my doctor who does not want to give anything else to treat me, nor does she want to give me more then one prescription of cymbalta 60mg for one month, on account that the pharmaceutical is saying that some people can go suicidal on this medication.

I responded, well if I was suicidal I think I would have been in your office more often to try to get you to give me more pills, and two at my age, I just don't have the nerve or the physical force to do anything remotely close to being suicidal. But seriously I'm 52 and not close to being crazzy and I just have pain and I'm trying to find a combination that works for me.

I'm in Canada and I have a co-pay of 20% of the price of the medication plus prescription fill of 19.95, so basically I get to pay almost 30.00 dollars for 28 pills for the month of cymbalta 60.


Nimu - May 5

I was put on 30mg of Cymbalta but it made me very dizzy and I had very bad nausea. I have been taking 100 mg of CoEnzymeQ10 for the last 3 years and on 'bad' days can go up to 300 mg. The pain flair ups have been reducing but extreme weather again does not help me at all.

I live in a country where I know no one else with Fibromyalgia and it can get very lonely.

How do you deal with the 'foggy' mind days and the general malay the comes with this condition?


eriey - May 5

I started on Cymbalta 1 week ago and I'm curious to know how many of you had side effects when you started and if so how long before they went away? My fatigue feels worse and I literally have no appetite. I kind of feel like I've had the life sucked out of me.


txplowgirl - May 5

I was started on Cymbalta 30 mgs and it just put me to sleep for about 14 hours then when I woke up it was like I was so drugged that I wanted to go back to sleep. It was bad. I was like that for 3 days. I was totally incompacitated. Bad News for me, I wound up having to stop it.


axxie - May 5

Cymbalta side affect differ for everyone. The next day after taking Cymbalta I was up and running around, I wasn't feeling no pain.

I lost about 20 lbs and I feel better then I ever did, I have tried, every kind of antidepressant known and I've always had problems.

30mg is easy to take but when you move up to 60 mg was harder then I actually thought, so my doctor told me to take the pill one day and skip a day and it took approximately 10 days to get me full time on 60mg, at first take it in the evening, you'll end up sleeping about 15 hours but what a relief it was for me to finally be able to sleep at night. Now I take it during the day and it keeps me happy. No pain, just a little sweating when I sleep and a few headache. Apart from that nothing else.


Nimu - May 6

Hi Axxie, How long have you been on Cymbalta and after how long did you move from 30mg to 60mg? Nimu


eriey - May 6

Axxie, did you lose the weight when you first started or when you increased to 60mgs? I'm currently on 20mgs, increasing to 40mgs next Wed. If you don't mind me asking, what was the difficult part of increasing to 60mgs? I'm a little nervous just based on the immense fatigue and the little bit of weight loss I've already experienced. I'm only 109lbs so I really can't afford to lose any weight.
My rheumatologist told me to stick with Cymbalta because in the end it should help, but that because I don't have depression I could have some different side effects. But so far I think my side effects are fairly consistent with what others have experienced.


axxie - May 7

Hi Nimu and eirey

When I went up to 60mg, I had nausea, about a month, lost about 10 lbs, had drowsiness I think that lasted about 10 days or so, and the same with the dizziness and being light sensitive. They are minor side affects and I kept on the treatment and I reported to my physician and she would listen and give advice.

The side affects that took awhile to get over was the blurred vision, gaz, vertigo & aggressiveness.
By changing when I took my prescription those side affects went away almost immediately. I now take my prescription in the morning and I have none of these side affects.

I feel good, taking cymbalta, it has made me be able to feel more normal from the fibro and chronic fatigue syndromes. I also take trazadone to sleep at night and I'm able to have a normal day and normal sleep.

I can say it was a learning experience, but worth it for me. I'm 52 and I feel better then I did prior to taking cymbalta. I was on lyraca and we could never figure out the dose that was appropriate for me, nor could I sleep at night and I felt that I was bloated and had taken on some water.

With cymbalta, the bloating doesn't happen anymore and I loss some of the weight that I had gain from being on other medication. The one thing I don't miss is the up and down moods I would go through.



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