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Jury Duty
6 Replies
OnaJourney - September 23

Hi Folks,

I have rec'd an application for jury duty (Ontario). Has anyone used fm as a medical reason to be excused from attending?


kvc33 - September 23

I'll I did as I remember was go to my doctor with it and get him to excuse me. There was no way I could do it and they certainly don't want anyone who can't show up consistently.


axxie - September 26

When you get to go, they ask if anyone cannot commit and then that's when you present your dismissal. Trust me, they won't force you to jury duty if you can't. So no worry about getting a doctor's note.


OnaJourney - September 26

Thank you for your replies. They are helpful.

First time receiving replies via email. Something new?


iliveinpain - October 23

I did about 5 years ago, have my doctor write me a note, excusing me from jury duty. I was excused, twice, and not called back again. The note simply said that I would not be able to travel or sit for long hours in one spot in court, as it would be too painful for me to not be able to move around, lie down, etc., if I needed to do that. He also mentioned the headaches I get from the fibromyalgia, and simply put, would not be well enough to perform the duty required of me. If your doctor has a problem with this, I'd shop around for a more understand doctor too. Good luck! :)


iliveinpain - October 23

I should add also, that I didn't have to show up in court at all. I remember calling in to tell them that I had the doctors note, and they asked me to fax it to them, which I did. I got a follow up letter soon afterwards saying that I was excused from jury duty. This was in the state of Illinois, USA.


OnaJourney - October 23

Thank you, iliveinpain.
I have spoken to one of my doctors who said it was no problem to provide a doctor's note. I haven't heard back from the court (touch wood) since the first questionnaire.



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