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jumpy reflexes?
7 Replies
bbass - April 14

Anybody else have jumpy reflexes? I went to a neurologist Monday for an ongoing positional headache I have been having. I thought it was the cymbalta and trazodone, but I still have it after being off my meds. Neurologist says the headache is caused by low pressure in the spine, a spontaneous fluid leak. Anyhow, during the tests he did, he found that my reflexes, especially bottom half of body were very jumpy. He asked if I had always been that way, and I said no one has ever checked before. So, either I am hard wired that way, or it could be spinal stenosis. Now we are waiting for insurance to give the go ahead for another mri, this time of my cervical spine.
Just wondering if other people have jumpy reflexes?


Canada17 - April 14

Oh yeah! Big time!

When my doctor tested my reflexes she called them "hyper-sensitive". I jump when my toast pops, even when I am expecting it! The toaster at work has a countdown, so I know exactly when it's going to pop and I just can't stop myself from jumping.

Fibromyalgia is rooted in our Central Nervous System so it does make sense that we are "jumpy", nervous, anxious people. We are basically set at max-sensitivity for pretty well every kind of stimulus to any and all of our senses.

I hope your jumpiness is caused by Fibromyalgia and not something more serious. At least then you can just laugh at yourself. I know I do! ; ) lol Then again, if it is caused by something else, then perhaps you will be able to use an effective treatment to combat it.

Good luck.


belle1329 - April 14

Yes my reflexes are very sensitive and when something scares me I also jump a mile into air, the smallest thing makes me jump.


lucidmana - April 14

My reflexes are incredibly sensitive! If I'm asleep before my boyfriend, sometimes when he gets in bed and he brushes against me, or the blankets move across my body I absolutely hit the ceiling! Car horns, dogs barking and other sudden noises make me jump out of my skin. You're definitely not alone there.

I hope your MRI comes back clear, I'm also waiting to see if I need one, I see the Doc on May 3rd. Finally! Best of luck to us both. :)


feelinghopeless - April 15

I thought I was the only one! I jump at everything! It drives me crazy! I have to keep my phone on silent because even the vibrate makes me jump!


axxie - April 15

Oh yes, and I thought it was just me, lol now that I know we are all like that, I don't feel foolish jumping out of my skin, when the toaster pops.

I would have thought that my cymbalta and my trazadone would have taken care of that, but guess not....


Fantod - April 15

Yes, I get startled a lot more easily now than I used to before FMS. I am hyper sensitive to noise. Take care.


STAYLOR875 - April 16

When I went to the Neurologist she told me I have jumpy reflexes and asked me if I knew that. I said I had no idea but she never discussed it any more with me. Probably is the fibromyalgia but let us know about the MRI because I would like to know what causes it. Thanks. Sandy



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