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judyej - May 26

i am knew to this forum but not to fibromyalgia. i have had widespread pain for 6yrs. only 8mths ago did they finally dignosis me with fibromyalgia.i have tried lyrica,savella,cymbalta,and not able to take them due to severe side effects. i have been in the hospital twice due to pain and side effects. today my pain specialist tried trigger piont injection that were painful. hoping for relief nothing. i am tired of being sick and now the dr.want me to decrease my tramadol. i will try anything to be pain free. please any advice. i am know on effexor xr,abilify and trazadone for sleep. i do more research i can on any treatment. any help


Pikespeak - May 27

Hi judyej! You can press on trigger points to see if you can get relief. I often borrow my husband's elbow to find the right spot! There is a website that shows them.

I also have benefitted by the Feldenkrais method (gentle movement), which I incorporate into my stretching. I take Ambien for sleep, Flexeril to relax my muscles, and Bio Freeze (topical analgesic).

I take Savella, and have had pretty good luck so far. The doctor started me low for much longer than the starter pack gives you. At this point I am up to 25mg in the morning and 50mg in the late afternoon. Some people have stopped it prematurely because of the side effects...could that be your situation?

There's lots to read here from really good people, so I hope you find some ideas to try that will help you!


judyej - May 28

thx you pikespeak


deigodirty1 - May 28

Hi,judye I need sleep but they won't give me anything,I'am lucky if i get 5hrs sleep it hurts laying on my rt side and on my left side my neck and shouldersare just now starting to hurt my hips are stiff when i sit to long my knees pop when i walk but thet tell me it's just artritsis,I wish someone would help me before i go completly crazy.



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