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Joints cracking?
17 Replies
LoFaro - July 10

Hello, I hope that everybody is having a great weekend! I am new to these forums and I have not been diagnosed with Fibro yet, but I have been having a lot of symptoms that lead me to believe that I may have Fibro. I have been worried that I might have ALS though, as some of the symptoms seem to be similar. I was hoping to get some advice. Lately, all my joints seem to be popping whenever I move. My knees, legs, shoulders and even my hands. Can Fibro cause joint cracking? Also, I have been having some other symptoms. Okay, I have been having certain symptoms for over a year that lead me to believe that I have either MS or Fibro. Let me start from the beginning. May 2010, I began getting mild headaches, widespread muscle twitching, blurred vision and lighheadedness. They were all an on and off type of thing, sometimes going away for a few days and then always returning. After a few months, I began getting a ringing in my left ear that was also on and off. I went to my doctor, he ran blood tests as well as gave me a CT scan without contrast and an MRI with and without contrast. Everything came back normal with the exception of a vitamin D deficiency and I also had the beginning stages of fatty liver which was diagnosed VIA an Ultrasound. I had also been diagnosed with mixed sleep apnea. So, I started on a diet and attempted to lose weight. I was 350 lbs and Now I am 260 lbs. My fatty liver is pretty much non-existent and my sleep apnea has gone away to the point that my pressure is now way too high for me on my CPAP machine. But, though I have lost close to a hundred pounds, my symptoms still remain and I have even gotten a few new symptoms. Now, the headaches are far and few between, the lightheadedness, muscle twitching, blurred vision and ringing in my left ear still come on and off. But now I have also been having pain in my neck, pain in my lower back and also bad aching pain in both my legs. The leg pain begins around my knees and goes all the way down to my feet. Often times after I walk, I get this vibration feeling on my left arch of my foot that feels like a cell phone is underneath it on vibrate mode going off. My legs ache so badly that it is often difficult to walk on them. Then, it will go away for a few days and I will be able to walk fine, with no pain and no foot vibration. A few times when the leg pain symptoms was present, I actually heard a creaking nose in my foot as I attempted to move it. There has been more cracking in the joints of my knees, arms, hands, back and legs as of late. Also, my feet often feel tingly, like they're falling asleep. I have felt the same tingly feeling in my fingers at different times. With the fact that I had a clean MRI with contrast, I think personally that my chances of having MS are very low. My biggest worry is of ALS. But also people have told me perhaps Fibro, Lyme Disease or just a pinched nerve. I have been going to my doctor regularly, but she hasn't figured this out yet. I was just hoping that someone might be able to give me an opinion on this. I know that nobody here is a licensed physician, but since a lot of you have Fibro I was hoping you could assist me in figuring out if Fibro could be causing my symptoms. Thank you very much in advance for any help, it is much appreciated!


Pikespeak - July 10

Hi LoFaro! Welcome! Congrats on losing all that weight! Were you on a special diet? I'm not much help in relating to your symptoms, but I'm sure others will respond...A good massage therapist might be able to answer some of your questions about your legs/back/neck. Get referrals from others on someone who really knows what they're doing! I'm not too sure you fit the profile of FMS...count yourself lucky if you don't! If you consider yourself overly tired, I recommend that you read Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's FROM FATIGUE TO FANTASTIC. Best of luck to you!


January - July 10

First, congratulations on the weight loss. That is commendable.

Did you start or stop any medications before or around the time you started having these symptoms? A lot of times symptoms that sounds like fibro are drug reactions. The headaches, blurred vision and ringing in the ear can be a result of using too much over the counter pain medicine. I'd suggest you list out everything you take, including OTC meds and talk to your pharmacist (not a clerk, but the real deal).

The Vit. D deficiency is hopefully being treated and re-tested. Some people need to take a LOT of D3 (cholecaciferol) and not D2 - to get their levels up. The test you should be getting is a 25-hydroxy Vitamin D test, along with any others. I take 5,000 to 10,000 units of D3 a day. (But you need to check with your dr. about what to take.) I have read of people being given short term doses of 50,000 units to get their levels up - but this too must be done under dr's supervision. And you need to get the blood tests done to see if your treatments are working.

You don't say what part of your body was studied with the MRI...
Did you get an MRI of your spine? (I recommend the sitting MRI) Some of the symptoms you describe can be caused by spinal problems, ranging from stenosis to degenerative disk disease to pinched nerves, etc. Especially since you were overweight, you may have developed stenosis in various parts of your spine. The tingling, pain and weird feelings are often traced to some problem with the spine.

I think for many of us the fibro diagnosis comes after many weeks of feeling completely exhausted, with muscle and connective tissue pain that isn't caused by any identifiable condition. For me it felt like the worst flu body aches - but no other flu symptoms. The fatigue is a continuing problem for most of us and is linked to the fact that we don't get good quality sleep. The doctors used to use a chart of 18 tender points - and if you had 11 or more, then they gave you a fibro diagnosis. These points were mainly places where the muscles insert to bone, and where there was a lot of connective tissue. A little pressure on those points is very painful for fibro people. Don't know if they still use this test, or if you had it done.

I'd suggest you find a good rheumatologist or fibromylagia doctor in your town. If you need help finding one, you could post a request on here, with your area, and we will see if we can help you find a place to go with your questions on fibro. Good luck feeling better. The main thing is to educate yourself and be proactive!

Oh… and as for the cracking joints…. never heard of that being a fibro symptom. I have them too, and I think it's just age!


fibromite.u.k. - July 10

Hi, I have had cracking joints since I was eight years old. It started in my ankles and then my knees. At the age of fourteen it started in my jaw and back and a few years later in my hips. Now, you can hear it quite often just as I walk. When I get out of bed or if I have been sitting for a long time, I have to wriggle about and make my hips and knees crack before I can move properly.

I have no idea if it is connected to fibrmyalgia or not. I have mentioned it to various doctors over the years, but they don't seem to think it is of any importance. My cracking jawbone has been diagnosed as temporamadibular joint disease. The other cracks don't seem to have a name. I have osteo arthritis as well as fibromyalgia and many other health problems.


shellb - July 23

Hello.. congrats on the weight loss! :)
ALOT of your symptoms sound like mine and I also have the cracking joints, I have been trying to figure things out for almost a year..went to regular Dr. then ortho then RHeum..ALL did all the same expensive blood work and all came back neg. My reg Dr. said I was very "crunchy" wanted me to take 2000 vit D because vit D was extremely low then Orthopedic perscibed 50,000 1x a week I'm not as "crunchy" lol but My whole body cracks and its loud and hurts a little..I never had the problem before. Some people just always crack but this is def. different! but Rheumatologist said its nothing its just gases releasing but I dunno..But RHEUM put me on Lyrica to see how I feel because he thinks I have fibro and it seemed to help,not 100% but def better but I def still have flare ups they just thankfully havent been even close to what they were before.. I had dull deep aching pain throughout my body like something just comes over you and all I could do was cry and then other times it was so bad but VERY uncomfortable it felt like it was my joints and muscles I guess like painful elbows,wrists,hands knees,ankles,shins,leg cramps were all the worst but also hips,shoulder blades,neck you name it..and VERY VERY fatigued!and sometimes feel like I cant focus or think.. I also have IC (interstitial cystitis)which sometimes the conditions go hand and hand I guess..well Good Luck!


axxie - July 24

Congrats LoFaro for loosing all that weight and I hope you will continue to loose some more if you need too.

First of all there is nothing wrong with your joints from cracking, it's merely gaz trapped in your cartilage that is escaping, some people never hear it and some do. I would cautious you to drink more water and take salmon oil pill everyday it will help with the cracking.

As for your headaches, blury vision and ringing are all signs of high bloor pressure, get that checked and get on medication el pronto.

As for the walk and leg pain is all your gait i.e., your weight distribution, get some ortho for your feet you should see a net difference on the pain.

As per your symptoms that I have read, you do not have fibro which is great, trust me you don't want it.... ask anyone here who has it, we wouldn't give it to our worst enemy, well maybe....

As for MS, and ALS nope don't have those either.

What you have is , Osteoporosis that can be treated. Don't forget for awhile you where carryng lots of weight and that is what is causing some denegerative problems with your bones, cartilage etc.

But do get treated for High Blood pressure that alone can kill you.

Good luck to you


rnsarah32 - July 27

My elbows crack when I move my neck cracks too and sometimes I get this sensation afterwards like nerves in the shape of a hand go up my neck and around the back of my head...knees crack too....trying to take glucosamine and condrointen with fish oil...but I heard this stuff doesn't help since fibro isn't "an inflammatory disease" it worth taking, and if so, has anyone had any relief from it?


lancelot - March 29

Hi i have been experiencing all the symptoms you have even the vibration but mine is at my knee.i have ringing in my left ear on and off and it seems all my bones crack even my legs some days feel heavy and tire easily and other days fine,i have had blood tests and they were negative and also went to see a rheum doctor who said it would go away after six months.I still have the symptoms now after 12 months and it looks like a trip back to the doctors.i would appreciate you keep me updated with your condition and any findings as i will also due to the fact we are suffering the same problems.


Jocelyn - March 29


I can't believe a doctor would tell you that your symptoms would go away in six months!! Oh, I believe you. I just can't believe your doctor. It is time for you to get to a new doctor. There can be many reasons why you are having the problems you have and you will need to rule out each disorder or disease until you can be diagnosed.

Many people have your symptoms, but you do need medical attention to find out how to relieve your pain.

Keep me posted and take care.


bluesbrrd - April 11

I find that my muscles get so tight overnight, that they sound like rubber bands making loud snapping sounds when I start to move around in the morning! Maybe it is the trapped gas - I've never heard that before. You should hear my feet! I can't relax my legs when I slep, I always wake with them really tight, and my toes are even curled up and bent funny. I have spasms and cramps in my feet. I have done more walking this week, and it seems to have made my muscles tighter and more rubber-band snappy than ever!

The only thing that breaks this is my massage therapist. Moving around, trying to stretch, sitting in a hot bath for hours, helps some but doesn't "break" it like the brute force of the massage. I often have an electric buzzing vibration that starts in my mid-back, that I can't seem to stretch out at all. I'm pretty sure it's related to disk degeneration in my spine, and the fibro just aggravates it. It goes from my mid-back into my feet, and it's very uncomfortable.

I don't know if you have fibro, but I think disk problems can cause muscle spasms and poor alignment. I'm sure extra weight can cause poor alignment and muscle spasms in your back. A good massage therapist can help you a lot. They have serious anatomical knowledge and know how to work on specific problems. My massage therapist sits down with me before each session, and asks me what's bothering me that day, and how did I feel after the last session. That's really functioning more like a physical therapist, and no massage therapist I have worked with before has done that.

They can be very good at isolating problems and identifying them. One muscle out of whack can cause referred pain and spasms that go all over, so you can't tell where they begin and where they end. A good massage therapist can help you figure that out. No doctor I have ever seen can do as much for me as she can! It's a good place to start, and just the healing power of touch can do wonders.


amber12me - July 27

Knee popping or knee clicking tends to occur when the joints are being extended, and at times, it can be accompanied by severe pain. The knee starts to click because, more often than not, there is a part of the knee that is not in its proper position.In some cases, the knee clicking sound occurs when the knee is getting rid of excess air that is trapped in the joint. If there is no pain along with the clicking sound, then there probably isn’t any reason to worry. Well visit here you will get better understanding about about knee popping, its causes and exercise tips for it.


willsp282012 - October 8

hi there we seem to have very similiar symptoms, i could never describe the feeling in my legs until i read your post, the vibration feeling, every time i lay dowi get that all through my legs, also when im standing still for a few minutes, my feet start to itch, tingle and hurt like hell, makes it hard to even walk or continue being on my feet, my condition is getting alot worse, ive had to many tests to count, and a mile long list of severe symptoms, i have been diagnosed with fibro, but im not so sure fibro is the answer, because i have been told fibro is more of a muscle disfunction, but my joints also pop, at times sounds like my bones are breaking, and at times feels like they are breaking, i am always in severe pain, my entire body hurts, and 99% of my joints and muscles are affected, my joints get stiff if not moved regurly, and with normal movement they pop, like rotating my wrist, without and tensing of muscles, but if i do tense up and rotate my wrist they will make a horrible popping noise, ok so a brife history, as a child i noticed that my knees would pop when raising from a squating position, then i noticed that if i moved my big toe up and down, every time it moved up it would pop, and without any tension, so everyone thats very important, no tension, that means there should be no pressure to cause the pop, muscles and joints are designed to move like water, if they dont there is a problem, ok so as a teenager i was practing kung fu with my cousin, one of the things is rotating ur wrists so thats wheh i noticed that, the pain actually started in my lower back, and eventually down my legs and feet, after a while my legs began to stiffin up, so they did a mri and found mild degenerative disc desease, but they said it did not explain my symptom, so i ended up in physical therapy, which helped for short while, then the pain came back, so i went for a easier job, because i was missing too much work, i would go into work, feeling like i just ran a marathon then work then another marathon, without stopping, thats how bad it was, so i went to do maintenence, i still struggled but it was alot easier, but of chourse what ever it is continually got worse, to the point that i was mising alot of work there also, and had to leave early alot, my joints have alwways poped with normal movement, but without pain and not widespread, just a few joints would do that, but now almost every joint does it, also if i try to do shoulder shrugs its very painfull, and sometimes it actualy catches and binds up, my left elbow gets stiff and hurts, so i straiten my arm out and tense up my arm, then i twist my arm and my elbow makes alots of popping and crackeling, then i do the same thing with my legs, i constantly have to squeese my legs together, to relieve the pain, doesent help very much at all, but when i do, i get popping in my legs, or thighs to be exact, but this popping is the muscles, im confused as to what causes muscles to do that, and finally my kneck, the first problem there, was i noticed i couldnt lean my head back without it hurting, all of the muscles tighten up, and now, every time i move my head around i hear a crunching, popping, and grinding sound in my kneck, once i used a stethscope on my self just to hear the popping, it was very disturbing, i still want a doctor to hear that and say oh well all tests came back fine, so ur joints are healthy, well you need to look for some rare deseases then, just because its rare doesent mean i dont have it, ok so also i have alot of muscle weakness and rarely balance problems that makes me think i have a very bad road ahead of me, also i used to be extreamly active, i loved running jogging, skating just anything physical, i loved lifting weights, so heres the big picture i went from that me to this, now i try to run my muscles lock up, jogging also, even walking normally, is out of the question, now for some reason i walk on the outsides of feet, , i walk with a bad limp, and require a cane to go out, because i cant walk long distances unassisted, and i hate when docors say your just decoditioned, of course i am, but dont imply thats all that is wrong, because remember, i didnt quit working as soon as i had pain, in fact i worked 2 yrs with excrutiating pain and agony, i was suffering, and the more work i do the worse my body feels, it really feels like strenuas activity is breaking my body down, even though they have done mri's there has to be something there, no one is perfect and no doctor is gonna know every desease, i understand that, you know but have a conference and discuss with other doctors and see if they know of tests to run for rare deseases, they are trying t help, its just tht most doctors overlook my joint popping as normal, also they have tested for arthritus many times, but always negutive, i too looked up the ms and all that, but not als, but i think im gonna look at that and see if it matches, also found a better way to find info, dont use the symptom checker on web md, its a good system, just this way works better, go to search, and type in different symtoms a few at a time, and see if u find a illness that appears in multiple searches, then look for that illñn web md, and see how many symptoms match, if most match ask your?ctor to look into testing forr it, if the symptoms match and it is a possable diagnoses and they wont test for i you need a new doctor, thats what there, there for , to get answers and make you feel better if possable, right now i have a good doctor who is looking at my symptoms and looking to see what we need to do, to at leas figure out the cause, also a side note, something odd i used to donate plasma, and the saline would burn my arm, it would get warm, then hot and gradually get hotter and hotter, until it felt like it wasd on fire, but sailine is just water and salt i think, but im not alergic to salt i use salt all the time, but no one else ever complained of burning, in fact ive heard of that, but im bout to look it up, ok thanks guys to everyone who read this, and srry for the hedache this may have caused, and for the dreadfull sad story, but i have to tell my story the way it is, ok bye now


willsp282012 - October 8

Also ive been seen by several specialists, a nurologist and i forget the name but a bone and joint doctor, and primary care doctor all agreed on fibro, but the bone and joint doctor said he believes i have the fibro and something else that is causing the joint problems, he also said it sounds like my joints are loosing the fluid, which would cause the irregular popping grinding and crunching, to anyone who is wondering what that would feel like, imagine ur a motor, and someone keeps running you without oil, after a while ur pistons get too hot and cese, thats close to how i feel, when i do too much


[email protected] - January 19



helpcame - February 17

Joints Hypermobility. My story of recovery.

I am familiar with these symptoms.
This is the connective tissue disease.
It is called “Joints Hypermobility”.
The joints sore, they become crunchy, soft tissue may ache…
The ligaments are stretched.
Cartilage tissue wears out fast.
I published treatment regimens.
There is information regarding alternative medicine preparations as well.
I’ll tell what can help you!
This is my story of recovery -


Deesteve1234 - December 12

Hey,thanks for post knowledge is power I literally have your same exact symptoms and literally was diagnosed with same meds as you...Except for liver thing ,I am average weight so I do not believe your issue is weight but I'm guessing ...I tried everything but Lyrica it seems to be the cure but I'm not into meds so I have not veered down that land yet ...I've started a natural cure and things have been looking up for first time in a while , as far as fatigue goes at least but pain seems to be up ..I use a tens machine which handles pain well...Would you have any updates on your condition ?


Sunflowerparadise - September 13

I Have the same symptoms. Im currently getting ready to be checked out for a mast cell disorder. You may want to look into it as well. Its rare and most doctors arent familiar with it so people who have it are often misdiagnosed with fibro or some other autoimmune disorder



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