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joint pain pelvic pain
7 Replies
Judy - January 6

Hi does anyone get constant pelvic pain, and does the joints feel as though they have no strengh ? at the moment my wrist is so painful and I cannot write, open things, drive? and my foot feels as though it is broken, any one else get these along with the usual joint pain


tonyab1838 - November 1

I have been experiencing pelvic pain for the past 2 months. I have also woken up with my foot feeling like I had a bad sprain. Then it will go away, normally, within a few hours. I have problems with my wrists also but I have found that putting Blue Menthol Gel on my wrists, helps some. I have been using the heating pad and that seems to help also. I don't know what else to tell you. Just hang in there and keep moving. Take care and God bless!


Jean - November 2

I would clearly check with your doctor again. There may be stretching exercises to do to help aliviate these pain symptoms or maybe something else is going on and it's time to see the doctor.


Sarah - November 7

Ever hear of arthritis?


tonyab1838 - November 7

Sarah, this is a site where everyone helps the other. The way that you responded was not helpful and I hope that it was not meant to be rude. Thank you.


Jean - November 7

If you are having pelvic pain I would see a OBGYN to rule out other female possibilities. They can do a sonagram on your pelvic area to see your ovaries, uterous most of your abdominal areas to rule out these other possibilities.


AlaskaFlyfisher - January 6

Yes, I am male and 37 yrs old. I feel weakness/pain in my hip joints when elevating them on the couch at night and resting them back down evenly. Also my hip joints pop when turning directions while walking. They say fibro is a disease of the connective ligaments tissue without swelling like arthritis. I think your sypmtom is coming with all of us. If I walk on snow on the ice, like you are cross country skiing, I can feel weakness in those hip joints and have to stop and rest alot.


Rebecca - January 6

oh yes! When I'm feeling that way i soak in a hot tub with ebson salt. for some time i felt like i spent all my time there. I was working at walmart, doing a lot of walking. driving to work was a major chore, walking into to work was even harder, it would take 10 min. or so to walk some ofthe pain off, it was weird.but when i would take a 15 min. break, my pain would return full force, i could hardly walk. it felt like my muscles were riping from my bones. my feet always feel brused my hips too hurt. I haven't worked for 8 months. although my pain is still there it comes and goes.some times the pain feels like someone stuck an ice pick in a pan of frozen water, you know how the ice breaks, well that what my muscle feel like. the main point of pain speading like a spider web.



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