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Joint Pain
5 Replies
mypain - November 16

Besides the normal muscle many of you experience joint pain? What do you do for your joint pain?


Canada17 - November 16

I bought a topical gel named Voltaren. My pharmacist recommended it when I asked him about the different pain patches available. He said the patches weren't ideal for joints because by their nature, joints move and the patch isn't really designed for that. He said they shouldn't be cut either because they could leak.

I found that it gave instant relief but it only lasts a few hours. (The directions do say to reapply after 3 to 4 hours.) I'm going to be talking to my doctor about using it when I see her on Tuesday.


Jaynie774 - November 16

I have occasional Joint Pain. I have been tested for Arthritist and I do not have that. My Rhuemy has me taking TYLENOL ARTHRITIS when my joints seem to ache. It has seem to have done the trick. Again my joint pain is not everyday as my muscle pain is. The ARTHRITIS Tylenol has 650mg/caplet. So be sure to use as directed. It is worth the try. Good Luck!


mypain - November 16

Great information...thank you both. I have ibuprofen 800mg 3 x's a day...I just thought that was way to much to be taken during the course of a day....


Fantod - November 16

I use Arnica gel which can be found at any decent health food store. It is very effective for aching joints and muscles. I find that it helps with that bruised feeling I sometimes get. And, it is very good for helping actual bruises disappear more quickly. Take care.


brooksidefarm - November 16

Joint pain was a huge issue for me. Elbows, fingers, wrists, ankles. My husband, in is FMS research bought this super b-complex and after 3 weeks, my joints were relieved. 4 weeks later, I dropped the b to see what would happen and within a week the joint pain started again. I have not skipped since. I take a multi vitamin pack by Lindberg that has B6-50mcg, Thiamin-25mg, Niacin-50mg, B6-50mg, Folate-800mcg, B12-500mcg, Biotin-300mcg, Pantothenic Acid-100mg. The b we added is also Lindberg, Supreme Stress and has Thiamin-100mg, Riboflavin-100mg, Niacin-100mg, B6-100mg, Folic Acid-400mcg, B12-1000mcg, Biotin-100mcg and Pantothenic Acid-200mg.
I have also since learned I have a severe vitamin D deficiency which is common in FMS patients and am being treated for it. I am in week 3 of week 8 of a prescription, and I think it is helping. We will see.
Next I will be tested for potassium deficiency that plays a part in muscle cramping.
Hope this helps.



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