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jobs,driving, disability
11 Replies
AmberRose - September 26

I was just curious to know how many people with fibro still work or drive and who has gone on disability...i have noticed a few peopel dont get qualified for disability,(as i am sure it is just as hard with most dibilitating illnesses) i had to quit working 4 months ago due to the pain and missing work, as it was only fair instead of calling in every day. Im also having to give up my dog which is upsetting but not as bad as it would be if i have to give up driving....which will be hard with two children and living in a big just wondering how everyone else deals with these sort of issues. I have an aunt who had fibro but i havn't seen her in looong time so i wouldnt' even know how to get a hold of her to ask.


Lynne-FT - September 26

I do not work and only drive on day that I can turn my neck and also am not into my pain medications, so I can say there is no one way to deal with it for me it is one day at a time. Sorry if I can not be of better help.


AmberRose - September 27

Thats okay i just wanted to make sure i wans't the only one..i mean how can you tell peopel "i dont think i can drive" let alone ask for help with out people thinking your a hypocondriac


Lynne-FT - September 27

I hear you loud and clear I have missed several doctors appointments because of pain and being unable to drive. Nope your not alone and I understand how you feel.


Virg - September 27

Hi Amber, I raised two children while
my FMS wasn't diagnosed. I didn't know
why I felt the way I did. It was in ancient
times it seems. However I was on disability. I have and still do drive. It would be harder for me to bus it and shop because I feel my car is also a great rest stop. Sorry about your dog but
some things need to be done.


JJ1 - September 27

I still work but I have gone part time for the past 7 years. Sometimes I wonder if I can continue part time but I have to still work for the money to support my family. My husband works, but even at part time, I make more than he does. My main problem is fatigue. I don't have enough pain to take pain meds. I periodically will feel like I have pulled a muscle some place or another and have to take Tylenol or Mobic, but most of the time it is the fatigue that drags me down. It has been so much worse lately, but I think it is due to the onset of menopause and due to excessive non-stop menstrual bleeding, anemia. I have had no reason to give up driving.


Kimber2270 - September 27

I now work full-time, sometimes 10-12 hours, now that I have had luck with my accupuncturist/homeopathic doctor and and only minor pain now when I have flareups. Before finding this doctor, I was on medical leave due to pain b/c my regular doctor had no idea how to treat FMS.


AmberRose - September 28

Thanks for all the is unfortunate i have to give up my dog but your right virg it does hav eto be worried for his health and hopefully a family will eb taking him on sat. As for driving im not really worried about the pain its more im wroried my leg will get stuck or some thing becuse it goes all wierd ....heavy and hard to move. I guess i will just have to wait tell my drs. appt and try no tto drive unless neccesary


TERESA - September 30

I work, drive & take pain medicine that would make most people comatous. I still have pain but at least I can function! My problem is getting enough rest at night so that I can get up early enough to be rready for work at 9:00!! Mornings are the WORSEST I can't get around every fast. By mid morning or afternoon I'm much better but the rest of the world doesn't run on my time! I work part-time in a small tax office & tax season is coming up FAST. I will have to go to full-time in DEC & I can't even handle part-time! Most people can't understand why we can't conform. We look normal, why can't we act normal?


AmberRose - September 30

I know how you feel teresa if i dont get to bed super early im basically screwed for the whole day...I decided not to take sleeping pills last night and i paid for it husband was tossing and turning all night and snoring like you would not beleive and on top of that when i dont take the pills i get the weirdest nightmares i had to sleep untill noon just to be able to get up. And now im goign to be btichy for the rest of the day im sure! But im gald to see that there are people who can still work even if its working for my husbands company right now doing filing so its good i can work whenever i want ..makes it easy to procrastinate though!


maleighamylove - October 5

I drive, although it is hard somedays, or even at some moments. I work full time I worked 64 hours last week and have been laid up since Saturday Night, today is Thursday, thank goodness I had vacation time.... Which now is used up yuck.
I am going back to a 30 to 33 hour week hopefully this coming week, but even at that I don't know. My arms and legs are so weak, and they have had pins and needles in them since last week sometime. I can't hardly do anything with them. My fibro pain is at a 20, with 10 being good. My pain pills are not working to knock it out either.
I may have to look at a lifestyle change, but that is hard, because I have been at my present job for 8 years.
You mentioned calling in, I have to do that too, so much in fact, I have been written up twice for it. They say if I miss work one more day that I will be terminated, so I may be making that change quick.
I would quit work, but my husband has stage 4 colon cancer, he's still trying to work God Love Him, but the doctors say that they just don't know about him. He has been on Chemo for the last year and 3 months every 2 weeks, and it is not helping much, so I must work.
Some days I can deal with the issues you mentioned and somedays I would like to hide under a rock


Virg - October 5

Good Lord Malieghamylove I wish nothing but better times and strenght for you and your hubby. It's very difficult when you have to be strong for both. My
guy went through a very horrid Hep C treatment and literaley looked like death and had to quit. IT takes a lot of patience and prayer (prayer was on my side, chuckle since he is a quiet one) all the
best in your decisions.



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