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Job interview- when to talk about fibro?
2 Replies
solanadelfina - October 20

Even before the fibro, I'd decided it was time to leave the bookstore and retail behind, and now I have a job interview at a pet hospital that I'm thrilled about! I love animals and had been considering vet school in the past.

I am wondering when is a good time to bring my illness up. The job description says to be able to manipulate up to 50 pounds, and while I've gotten some strength back that I can carry full stacks of books again, I don't think I could manage that. Also, my pains tend to be obvious, and even with the amitriptylene I still have days where I grab onto things for support. I don't want my new bosses thinking I'm coming into work half in the bag. ;)

The job is part-time, so I'm thinking it should be a lot easier, and I know we're protected by law, but I'm also a realist in that they'd probably hire 'healthy girl' over 'fibro girl'. Any advice would be warmly welcomed. I hope everyone is adjusting to the fall season and is having a great October. Take care to all. :)


brooksidefarm - October 20

As a business owner, I can tell you that you are not protected after you are employed if the job description before you were hired included something you were unable to do, and did not tell the employer. I had an employee who did that, it was lifting, and I had to let her go. It was unfair to the other team members for her not to do a big part of her job. She tried to collect unemployment and lost the appeal because I let her go for cause - being unable to do her job. In this case I could not have hired her as there were no other duties she could fulfill. That said, tell your interviewer. I would go through the interview, learn about the job, let them learn about you and if there is real interest bring it up. Tell them what your concerns are and what you can do. Being that it is a part time position, it may not be an issue. Also, there may be many duties and the 50lb requirement may not come into play or can be worked around. Honesty is the way to go, think of how you would feel if you hired someone to help you. Also, as an aside, the best thing you can do in an interview is have a positive, excited attitude and ask questions. God bless you - hope all goes well!


Fantod - October 20

I think brooksidefarm makes excellent points and I agree with her approach to your question. Good luck and take care.



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