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job interview - nervous and need advice
4 Replies
Ann-Marie - November 20

I have an interview on Friday for a part-time job and am very nervous. I want to tell them about my FMS because I want to work mornings not afternoons but am not sure how to bring it up without sounding like I'm making demands. Does anyone have any advice?? I know employers are expected to make reasonable adjustments to work and I am sure they will be very understaning but I just dont know how to approach the subject. Ta XX


tonyab1838 - October 2

I just had a job interview on Thurs.. The thing is that you don't want to sound like you are incapable of working. That is tricky! I just told them that I have a medical condition, that I am under the Dr.s care and am very capable of doing this job but just have to make sure that I don't lift anything heavy and I am great with multi-tasking. The key is to make it sound like you don't really have a disability and that you are very capable to do the job. Always end the sentence with a positive. I would just tell them pretty what I told my interview, except with your physical limitations. I hope that this has helped in some way. I know it is hard and if by chance you don't get this job, just keep trying. I have been working for a staffing agency as a temp.. It's better than not working, I have found that this gives me a since of accomplishment and of course money. Let me know how it goes [email protected] Take care and
God bless!


Jennifer - November 11

I had the same issue...In the interview I said I had no back problems...then later I revealed that I do have back problems as soon as it started to look like I was boss understood and began to work with me...depends on your boss but in the interview keep ur mouth shut!


Andrea - November 19

I think you should be honest because if you don't tell them and they found out you lied to them right off the bat it won't look good, I agree with what Tonya said, we do have laws to protect us, even though at times they don't always work. Just end it with something positive, hope you get the job. :)


Jean - November 20

Just tell them your applying for the job but your only available for mornings. They don't need to know anything else unless it is going to affect you getting the job.



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