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Louise - January 12

I saw my doctor today and I asked him about the swelling. He said it was probably two things. one of the meds he has me on (nurotin) and that I work 40+hrs.a wk. on my feet. He sugested that I cut back my work hours, (easier said than done) then he increased the mg. of the nurotin. ? All these doctor visits are new to me, going from healthy & active to , weak & sickly , practically over night , is a bit over welming. I do have insurance , but I'm not a wealthy woman so I can't afford to play around with to many of these costly drugs. Where might I find some information about drugs used for the treatment of fibro that I can talk with my doctor about ? plus otc products ? I trust my doctor but I figure the more I'm involved and informed the better off I'll be.


Jean - January 10

Hi Louise: well you are right to have that positive attitude. Get invoved with your care. Ask to see a Rheumatologist and possibly a psychiatsrist for at least you'll have someone to talk to ,maybe find a local support group and research on webmd and fibromyalgia sites for thaey to have good answers for your questions. Usually patients with this disease are treated indiviually and it takes time to get the right comfbinations to help with the symptoms and other underlying conditions.


Juanita - January 12

Check out this website...

is a section on nothing but medicines. This will give you a lot of good information to be checking into when it comes to meds. Depending on your income, the drug companies will sometimes give the drugs to you free. Also, ask your doctor for samples until you see if it is going to work for you. They usually have samples to give except for narcotics, which they are not allowed to give out these types of samples. I totally understand the $$$$ on meds. I think all of us fibro patients deal with the high costs of our medicines. Like you said, even with insurance, the costs run up to lots of $$$$$.



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