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jaw pain
4 Replies
caren - July 6

can any body help ive been geting a cliking jaw it affects my ear aswell its scaring me
docter cheked she said it was k


R.S.Hagen - July 24

Hi Caren, if you are like me and have a misaligned bite, meaning your teeth overlap, you could be experiencing TMJ, my jaw clicks aweful, so I do stretches and massage, used to use a dental appliance to stop clenching my teeth. and if you have a lot of neck tension, it will affect your facial muscles, I just got over a bout of lockjaw, from stress, the pain in my facial joints were terrible. Muscle relaxers and pain meds helped. but if you have too much pain, go see a dentist.


linda brown - October 31

just posted a question about jaw pain and weakness. my jaw gets tired when i eat, TMJ i've been told


Fantod - October 31

TMJ or TMD is a common symptom of FMS. You should see a dentist who specializes in treating this problem. You probably need to wear a splint at bedtime to align your jaw properly and let the muscles in the temporomandibular joint rest. Your doctor should be ashamed of themselves for not referring you to a dentist immediately to treat this issue.
This problem, in additon to the clicking sound can cause pain and severe headaches.


Gabbie - October 31

I've had the clicking jaw, earaches and headaches many years ago, way, way, before I was dianosed with fibro so I can't say for sure that it caused the TMJ that my dentist said I had. Before having a dental appliance made up, I found some relief with chiropractic treatments. At the time I was told to not chew gum, taffy or any gooey candy and also not to bite whole apples, or clench my teeth as each of these cause more stress on the jaw. With the treatments and staying away from the gum etc., I found that it improved so I was able to avoid having the jaw brace made up by my dentist. Before you assume that you have or fibro causing TMJ,please see your dentist. Good luck.



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