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Janie Do you own the book?
6 Replies
TERESA - October 3

I when to the site & I believe it is rigth. I wanted to know if you have the book & if it is worth buying? I am seeing a massage thearpist That is trained in the Bowen techinque. It a type of massage that works on the trigger points & trains the brain to heal these areas by sending certain signal to the brain. I have had toe sessions so far & i'm having the third today. It sems to be helping! My pain is reduced & I have been needing less pain medicine since I started. They have a web site, it's I have wrote about this before but I don' t know how to cut & paste!!


TERESA - October 3

That's two sessions NOT TOE SESSIONS


Janie - October 3

Hi Teresa, yes it is definately worth buying... it has tons of pictures & descriptions that explain all the crazy symptoms trigger points can cause.... I have FM & CMP (chronic myofascial pain) and the CMP is by far the worst.... a living hell.... they say that it is the most painful-yet-harmelss condition a human being can suffer .... very true. The pain is intense & (esp in the chest feels like heart attack, pnemonia, lung cancer, ulcer etc....) it produces amazing pain symptoms.... just about anywhere in the body. Clair Davies manual is a CMP sufferers bible... and all you need to help yourself is a tennis ball! If you don't want to buy it you can also borrow it from any library & just photocopy what you need. Good luck :)


TERESA - October 5

Janie, I had my third Bowen session yesterday. I really think this is going to work!! I'm a real skeptic for most things non convential but I'm keeping an open mind about this. Did you check the site?


Stephanie417 - October 5

Sounds good ladies.. Im going to check into this book and if its not at the local library then I will probably purchase it.. Im really up for anything if it will give some relief.. and hey.. If the most I have to buy is a tennis ball and a book...I think I can handle that just fine.. thanks again.


Debra4Real - October 5

Hi:TERESA I have the book and its fantastic.The only problem i have was trying to rub my back up and down a wall with a tennis ball.The ball kept falling.It was very painfull at first but then it helped a bit with my CMP trigger points.I'm glad that the Bowen techinque is working for you.Keep up the good work and keep strong in your mind.You will be well one day because you have a strong will to fight through this.Take good Care.Always Debra.


Janie - October 6

HI Teresa, I'm glad that you are getting some relief with the Bowen technique. I must admit that I don't know much about it & need to do a little online research.... I go for Trigger Point Therapy sometimes, which entails the therapist inserting her elbow & really squashing the suckers, it can be quite painful but also really amazing! Keep us posted on your progress.



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