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Ive had Pains as a kid. Has anyone else?
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shelllc79 - February 22

The coach would make us run a lap.I would get half way around and would start having shooting pains down my left side. I would have to slow down to a walk. I just thought everyone felt that. It was normal.. and I was just weaker. I would also run out of breath before everyone else.The coach would say I was just saying excuse’s to get out of running. Most kids like to run, Right? I did. It just hurt sometimes. Or he would say I was out of shape. Um…Ok I was a hyper 6yr old bean-pole. How was I out of shape? It would make me feel like I was waker than evryone else..

I always had stomache aches too. As far as doing my school work, my hand would start hurting shortly after I would start writing, kinda burring like,. After two sentences it would hurt.
My joint pain started when I was 16. My right hip. I think that was when I started really feeling like my body was aging faster than…well…ME.
All this has to be linked with the fibro, right?
Has anyone else had problems like this as a kid?
Can you be born with this?

Thanks Ya'll


fibromite.u.k. - February 22

I was very similar to you. I always got pain when doing games and P.E. at school and felt that somehow it was my fault. After a long P.E. lesson, I was nearly crying with pain, but assumed that everyone else was the same and was able to stand the pain better than I was.

I remember being well up until we moved to the country when I was nearly 7. Before that, we lived in a very old town house and apart from eczema and also a bout of whooping cough when I was two, I never seemed to be ill. I can remember times when nearly the whole class was away ill with something such as measles or chickenpox and I never got it. However, soon after we moved to a new house in the county I began to get one illness after another. It started at the age of seven and a half when I got measles, and this was followed within a year by chickenpox and mumps and I used to get tonsilitis, colds and coughs over and over again as well as developing hay fever, migraines and asthma.

I remember starting to get pain in my hand when I wrote at the age of nine, then soon after, I developed pain in the bottom of my feet, and also back and hip pain which was never diagnosed as being anything, and which I still get to this day. I don't think I realised that other children didn't suffer all the problems and pain that I did.

Yes, I think I had fibromyalgia from childhood and I am sure that other children must do too. I sometimes wonder if what is sometimes referred to as growing pains could be fibro. We had an awful doctor when I was a child who used to say that I made it all up because I didn't want to go to school. This was of course rubbish, especially as I was doing well at school and liked it.

Thank goodness there is better understanding of it now. It is far from perfect, but it is much better than it was.


toots2889 - February 23

I believe deep down in my heart that this was going on when i was younger. I never felt good, and always hurt all over. I can remember having bad headaches, and really bad menstrual periods. I even passed out in school once and they had to take me to the clinic in town. I had always had low blood pressure, so they blamed it on that. I also had a concusion from the fall i took to the floor. They felt because i was taking a test when it happened, that i stressed my self out to much.
I do know that it had gone untreated for years, before i was diagnosed. I went to a fibro clinic in Rochester where they determined that i had this for years, by my history. I only have 2 out of 6 pregnancies. They told me over there that this should have been a sign, and that this condition left untreated helped cause that. They said from my history they believe i had it growing up as a child, they just dont know when i actually had it.

Now i fear everyday that my boys dont get it. I know that my mom had this, but was never diagnosed with it. She had everything going on with her, that i have going on with me. My youngest worries me the most as he is always getting headaches, or is hurting and not feeling good. I pray everyday that my kids dont end up like me. Ok im rambling know, so im gonna sign off. I hope i helped answer your question. Good luck to you.



fibromite.u.k. - February 23

In my earlier post, I forgot to mention that I am sure that my Mother had fibro too. She was never diagnosed with it and died nearly ten years ago at a time when I had never heard of it. She was always in a lot of pain, always very tired and also sufferend with anxiety and depression.

I have one adult son and have had two miscarriages. I have thought often that I hope and pray that my son never goes through what I have. My one consolation is that it is much more common in females than in males, so I hope that can be some consolation to you as well Toots.

I also have many other health problems and hope that my son does not inherit any of them. I have many allergies and asthma, migraines and eczema which are all connected. My son, sometimes gets very mild eczema and it is VERY mild indeed. He also gets mild asthma, but only has to use inhalers when he has a bad cold, whereas I have to use them all the time. Maybe it depends on what the father of the child has. My husband doesn't have any allergies. However, I do sometimes wonder if my son may have a slight hiatus hernia, as both his Grandmothers had that, and so do I and a cousin of mine, and my son sometimes complains of heartburn, but not bad enough to do anything about. He also suffers from feeling the cold badly, and there is underactive thyroid problems on both sides of the family. My father and I have it and so does his Grandmother and Uncle. So I tend to think that it is more a case of something being on both sides of the family that makes someone more likely to have it.

Good luck to both your sons Toots, if your son, gets too distressed with pain, then I suggest taking him to see the doctor that diagnosed your fibomyalgia.



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