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Itching like crazy
9 Replies
tnichel - October 2

I just had a terrible itching spell that lasted 3 days. It was horrible. I could barely get to the store to buy some hydrocortisone. It didn't work and neither did taking benadryl every 4 hours. I currently take amitryptelene, lyrica and plaquenil. I missed a lot of doses leading up to the itching fit. I was wondering if that could have sparked the itching. In the past the hydrocortisone worked. I haven't used any new products. I just want to keep it from happening again b/c it was horrible. I'm wiped out from the fit and missing a night's sleep from it. I think I'm now in a flare. Could the itching be part of that flare? Any ideas, I would greatly appreciate. I haven't been back to the rheumy yet b/c he always looks at me like I'm crazy it my symptoms aren't that bad.


Fantod - October 2

I found this information on this site: The causes of skin problems in fibromyalgia are still a mystery to doctors, scientists, and researchers. No one is really sure why the skin is so badly affected by the illness.
Tender skin (allodynia) may be a direct result of a dysfunction in the brain’s central nervous system. Fibromyalgia prevents the brain from reading pain signals correctly, and this may cause the skin to feel sore or tender to the touch.

Itchiness may also be a result of pain signals being misunderstood by the brain. Receptors under the skin are responsible for sending messages about what we are feeling to the brain. Sometimes these receptors don’t know how to interpret certain sensory messages and, as a result, our skin feels itchy. Fibromyalgia sufferers may feel more itchy than usual because of the fact that there are already existing problems with the brain’s ability to interpret pain signals.

The best old fashioned remedy I can think of is to use baking soda and soak in a tub of lukewarm water. The water temp is crucial. If it is hot, you'll intensify the itching. I think your experience may be partially due to missing the medications that handle pain signals like Lyrica. Not sleeping would certainly contribute to a flare. I hope that you are starting to feel better by the time that you read this. Take care.


tnichel - October 3

Thanks Fantod. I think it may have to do with the missed doses too. I have been putting in a lot of ot on the job. My leg would itch, I'd scratch that spot and it would itch worse, then a spot on my arm would itch. I'm used to pain but this was horrible. I have no other way to describe it but torture and I don't plan on missing anymore meds. I currently see just a Rheumy. I'm wondering if I should find a neurologist as well. And yes, I am feeling better, the itching is pretty much gone but I'm exhausted from dealing with it. Hopefully I'll be back to my form of normal in a few days. I don't wish this incident on anyone. I hope you are feeling well too. And thanks for responding. I searched the site but missed that part. There is so much info on here I sometimes forget half the stuff I read. I love hot showers but will begin using lukewarm water. I had a similar spell a few weeks back after I got out a hot shower. I never thought about them being related.


Fantod - October 3

Rather than a neurologist, I'd recommend seeing a pain specialist. I have one and he has been very helpful. He has picked up on some underlying issues that no one else was thinking about. Between the pain specialist and my rheumy, I think they do a pretty good job of covering my various issues. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Take care.


VictoriaB - October 3

Oatmeal baths are live savers as well!


Anne Hillebrand - October 3

Itchy Burning Skin.

Very common symptom for Overly Acidic Fibros.

Especially where skin creases or clothes stay in close contact.

Very acidic perspiration causes it.

Don't wear clothes more than once, especially bras. The acid can be absorbed by the band and build up even worse.

Wipe the area with a warm wet washcloth and most of the acid will be removed.


tnichel - October 5

Thanks again Fantod. I will have to look into a pain management center in my area. I by no means have it as bad as some so I consider myself forturnate for that. Victoria B., I took an oatmeal bath and was scared to death to get out of the bath. I just felt like heaven. lol. Ann, that's something I"ve thought about quite a bit. I get spells where I feel like my body is just toxic. It's hard to explain but I feel like my whole system needs a flush. I've gotten rid of my itchy scratchy clothes and I do wear things only once. I'm trying to lay off the soda b/c of the caffeine. I notice more problems when I eat bread. I had cut it out of my diet but they say you need fiber so I went back to it. Any other suggestions would be great. I've heard potatoes and sugar aren't good for us either. Thanks a bunch to all of you. This is the best fibro site ever. My doc said he wouldn't recommend a support group b/c all people do is complain and are negative. But I don't find that to be the case on this site. Everyone is positive and are about helping one another thru the tough times. So much for the theory we're just a bunch of over emotional people who cause ourselves to get sick. I hope all of you are doing well right now.


Fantod - October 5

Fiber is easy to add to your diet. I use Benefiber every day. If I wasn't the one adding it to my yogurt or paleo meal (protein drink) I would have no idea that it was in my food. You can add it to just about anything - it dissolves completely. I stay away from soda, potatoes and sugar (most of the time). You may have a sensivity to gluten if you notice a reaction when you eat bread. I'd get tested for that too. Better safe than sorry when it comes to dealing with all of the "perks" of FMS. Most of the time I feel like a science experiment in progess.... Give your doctor the address for this website. Sounds like they could use a reality check and they might even learn something. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


trans - October 7

Hi Tnichel,
I have had fibro over 36 years and itching is a symptom I just got recently. It is enough to drive ya nuts. Nothing helps it, It is definitely a sympt. and from talking with friends it may have to do with hyper-sensitivity to chemicals. I was complaining at work one day and a co-worker told me she had a friend that had that symptom and it was the chem. sens. This lady takes Lyrica and it has helped. When I first started itching, I thought, this just can't be fibro, well it is. God Bless you and good luck fighting this monster. Rosie


tnichel - October 8

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for responding. I have narrowed the problem down to taking Lyrica. I was taking 2 pills a day with no problem but my doc upped my dose to 3 pills a day(although he didn't say why). When I don't take it on an exact schedule the itching starts. I just need to make sure I take it on time and don't go more than 12 hours w/o taking it. It sucks and I will talk to my doc about it. Now I know why so many are having problems with or hate Lyrica. The pharmacist also told me this is common when you start and stop taking a medicine suddenly .Thanks again for all the suggestions.



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