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Itching all over
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Sleepless - October 19 was quite awhile since I wrote about my itching torso on here thinking possibly it was my gel nails that I removed thinking I was allergic. Yet searching for other possible causes.

I am back to tell you that it wasn't the nails and I don't have fibromyalgia either. I payed close attention to what I was doing prior to the itching coming on because it would go away for awhile and come back each month. I thought for awhile it was possibly hormonal going through menopause symptoms as I am 50.

So here is what it is kind of embarassing to admit but every month prior to my cycle I get anxiety about my health. I get so worried can't sleep it's weird I know but what I do is get up and take a bayer aspirin cause my heart is racing and I think about my Dad who once had a heart attack.
So then I go to sleep and I do this each night but only during my cycle this is when the itching also comes on. I also would get when I am up and about in moring or night once in awhile a zap like quick tingle on top of my foot would look down thinking what just bit me!..and nothing is there this happened off and on...and no signs of bug bites either.

What I started to notice was a pattern and it honestly took about 6 mo to discover it wasn't hormonal or caused by my cycle at all....


I stopped taking it and each month I have a cycle and start to have any anxiety or worries I don't reach for the bayer aspirin anymore. What actually made me stop was reading about bayer aspirin can cause side effects not everyone should be on it daily like so many doctors recommend 1 a got to be careful taking it google it and learn about side effects it doesn't just thin your blood.

So I am itch free been that way as well as the invisible bug bite feelings that happened on top of my feet!
It sure drove me crazy...but I am feeling so much better without the monthly itching!

My blessings go out to those that have Fibromyalgia that you find relief and become pain free. more...gee I better get to bed!'s late!~


January - October 20

Wow, certainly glad you got to the bottom of this! It is amazing the strange side effects even the most common drugs can have in certain people! When I hear about odd symptoms now, that's the first thing I ask: "What drugs are you taking?" Glad you're better!


pmulcahy11b - March 5

I have that itching too, mostly on my trunk, back, and underarms. My rheumatologist believes it's definitely fibro-related, and soaps and creams aren't going to help. Antihistamines might have limited effect, but the most effective thing has been Ativan.

I also have another fibro-related itching symptom: internal itching. Dr Mossbacker says that it it not possible to have true internal itching, because below your skin the nerves aren't "designed" to produce that effect. Dr Mossbacker says it's another one of those bizarre symptoms fibromyalgia can produce, and (let me warn you he can weird answers that make sense as he elaborates) "it's just your nerves lying to you."


Jocelyn - March 6

I too have fibro and itching in many places. Underarms, back, if humit outsided etc. I have found that using hand cream under my arms (one with not sent etc.) with my deodorant helps stop the itching under my arms. I think the fibro causes drying of the skin. In other places I try other things, sometimes a bath and then more hand cream. Good Luck!


t3apps - March 12

I have had the itchy rash on my back & chest to the point that I was ready to scream. First, we tried three different steroid creams of increasing strength. Nothing. We tried suspending my narcotic pain killer (Lortab 7.5/500) and I hurt more and continued to itch. Then, wonder of wonders, instead of moving on to my muscle relaxer (Flexeril 10mg), my dermatologist said to stop taking the Ibuprofen (800mg x3/day). Within 36 hours, I didn't itch and my rash was fading. Now if we can just find something to counter the pain .....


snobnks - March 18

I was so relieved to read that my itching is related to my fibro...I was just recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia...after many years of chronic widespread pain and no insurance I gave in and went to the dr. About 3 weeks ago I started itching with no rash...I thought it was some of my meds so I stopped new ones and added them back one at a other new make a long story short I'm sure the itching is due to the fibro and I am going to call my doctor on Monday to see what can be done about this...but in the meantime feeling relieved that I'm not losing my mind!!!!


Jocelyn - March 19

Nope, not losing your mind at all. It is unfortunate for people with Fibro to have itching due to the Fibro and then sometimes itching do to the meds. Sometimes we just can't catch a break.

Trail and Error, is the only solution, but it can be a difficult road.

Get well, take care


bluesbrrd - April 11

Wow, beyond weird what even the most simple over-the counter meds can do to you! I, too have had weird itching spells, my guess is that it's related just to the general hypersensitivity of fibromyalgia. I don't bathe every single day - the human body isn't meant to do that, it will dry out your skin. plus, I'm just to tired to do it a lot of the time! no one's aroound to complain!! We have a cleanliness fetish in this country that is unnatural for the way humans have lived for the last million years!!


tomek - March 12

I understand none posted anything for a long time in this thread. The stories are just tough to read. It hit home for me when my wife was suffering from itching all over. Tried many different things, but one that worked out for her was marijuana cookies or marijuana cookies. It seemed to calm her down, and settle things nicely. I never smoked marijuana, had nothing against it, ... but now after this experience I strongly feel that marijuana should be legalized. Anyhoo ... something to try.


tomek - March 13

I meant to say marijuana (smoke) or marijuana cookie ;)


January - March 25

I agree tomek. Marijuana is a very old folk medicine, was used to treat a lot of ailments, and a lot of people with fibro seem to get help from it.

Alcohol and tobacco have much more serious side effects. It's ridiculous that marijuana is illegal and use of it can put you in jail, while these other useless and harmful drugs are accepted for "recreational" use.


kk46504 - March 30

I've had itching, almost always when I go to bed for nearly a year now. I call them "sparks". It's an intense itch that gets worse and worse until I scratch it. Then it moves somewhere else. Sometimes it's intense enough to make my muscles twitch. My neurologist wants to diagnose me with Wartenberg Migratory Sensory Nuropathy, but I think these FM symptoms are more close to what I'm experiencing. Gabapentin is the only thing that helps.


sos101 - March 31

hi heather,
my neuro said he calls the itching nerve pain. It is caused by damaged nerves. Im on amitripylen for this and it does help.


bhusebye - June 8

I believe if I eat too many nightshade vegetables I will start itching. Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, papaya. Also any oils that are under the skin or dead skin I try to get off my body daily with something with a plastic edge like my shampoo brush. My skin is flaky and the pores can be filled with oil or worse. Ive found once I clear the pores my skin feels better. Washing with too much soap just drys it out. I am not against clean, I have a HOT bath every morning. I also believe the over production of oil is inversely related to your pancreas, insulin production and carb and sugar consumption.


Sena - September 28

I have the same rash on my face



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