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Itching all over
90 Replies
debbort - February 29

Yes I also had severe itching. I also restless leg syndrome. My rheumatologist tested my Vit D level and found that it was low. He put me on a very high dose and those symptoms improved but did not go away completely.


amandaknits - March 3

I have the same problem. It's actually listed as one of the symptoms on this site and it is discussed under Self Care. I am having the same problem. Just diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I've been reading a lot.


InHisSteps - April 22

I, too, have the migratory itchy skin at times, but when I scratch, the pain is worse than the itch. I had read that both itching and sensitive skin are symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I take a couple ibuprofen for itching and that seems to help. Sometimes it does not last long enough to bother with medications, thank God.


VVickers - April 23

Oh my goodness...I'm not crazy! I had one of the worst episodes I've ever had last night. Thought I was going to go insane. I take Ultram ( tramadol) for pain and had taken one last night prior to this happening. In reading everyones comments I see someone mentioned this could be a side effect of the Ultram. Wow, I had no idea. I can't stop that medication...any alternative suggestions?


pfulton - April 24

I take Zyrtec and still have overall itching. I do believe it is part of having fibro.


undone - May 15

I have been having this problem for 15 years. It went away for awhile but lately its been driving me crazy. It itches one spot so I scratch, but that doesn't relieve it and then I get it somewhere else. Then I get anxiety and the itching goes nuts. I have no rash, no red spots. Nothing crawling on me. I have not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but my sister and niece have it. Possibly my mom had it but she died before it being confirmed for that or lupus. I do take amitriptyline and have heard that that is a med that people with fibro do take. So I'm wondering if its the meds or if its fibro?


springhillfresh - May 24

Here are a few possibilities:
The fibers in your body that sense pain and itching are the same fibers. When the pain is at a low level it is sensed as an itch.
Also, fibromyalgia patients experience paraesthesias which are abnormal sensations i.e., tingling, something crawling on your skin etc...
I have found local heat and massage to bring some relief. Good luck!


PEGGY - May 24

hi heather i itch after i take oxycodone for pain have studied it and it is common so maybe some med is the culprit if you are on it. good luck peg


lanie - June 25

The lotion that JB may be referring to is called Sarna. It is a little spendy, but does give some relief.


Channy63 - July 22

I been dealing with this itching for over 8months now. I were living in friend house and I think he had dustmite in his house. I've went to diffrent doctors and they treat me with diffrent cremes and pill but still know changes. So I found this site called They have all kind of products to buy for dustmite. Also another company called: so that is 2 good company you can view and buy products from to help with some of this itching crap. [email protected]


Channy63 - July 22

Try these 2 company and www.natlallergy Might help with some of the itching problems. [email protected]


gummybear101 - August 23

ive had itchy bumps for like a week in a half, i went to my doctors and they said it was scabies, but i havent been around anyone or anything that has them or what else can cause bumps that itch from the neck down


aviks - January 30

ME TOO!! I'm going out of my mind from itch! It's all over, everywhere! Like we (Fibros) don't have enough to deal with. The earliest appointment I can get with a dermatologist is April!

Four days ago I started taking "Benadryl" Total for allergies. It eased the itch enough so I can get to sleep (thank God!). It's better then taking loads of Tylenol and Advil. I'm trying hard not to take any during the day, only because I want to save my liver and make sure it will keep working at night. Problem now, it's making my migraines worse.

Next, I think I'll try a dandruff shampoo as a body wash & cream rinse to soften the skin. I already tried applying olive oil...that was awful, itchy and greasy, yuck!

Personally, I don't think it's from dry skin, though, dry skin doesn't help. I also can't stand my hair rubbing against my skin, clothes tags, tight elastics, or any tight clothing ...including bras and socks, they're the 1st to come off when I get home.

From the other comments, I think they should add generalized itch as a common symptom. I couldn't find anything on this symptom until now.


Sleepless - February 2

Hi, I just was unable to sleep due to itching and wondered what could have caused it. Maybe those writing in don't have fibromyalgia and are like me just searching for answers before I pay a doctor to figure out why all of a sudden.. my skin around my torso itches like crazy and more so at night.

I have been searching for clues and thinking back the day before I started itching..I did get a set of gel nails applied which are also a form of acrylic. Those came off just an hour ago..cause what I have learned online is this..Allergic Contact Dermatitis develops in stages -- it does not happen overnight. There is a period during which an individual may be continually in contact with an allergen without developing any skin reaction, which can last a lifetime or only a few days. The allergenic action of a substance depends on its ability to change some properties of the outer layer of the skin. This layer acts as a protective barrier against toxic substances. Some substances, such as primer, can remove fats and oils. Other substances, such as prep, polish remover and other solvents, can remove moisture from the skin. These substances diminish the protective action of the skin and make it easier for substances to penetrate the skin.

The skin allergy really begins with a process called sensitization. It starts with the penetration of allergenic substances into the outer layer of the skin. The process lasts from four days to three weeks; during this period there are no signs of skin damage. Once penetrated, the allergenic substance combines with the natural skin proteins which is then carried throughout the body by white blood cells called lymphocytes.

Lymphocytes are part of the immune system which guards the body against germ or alien substances. The immune system has a 'memory' to recognize and neutralize germs or substances encountered more than once. When sensitized persons are re-exposed, lymphocytes recognize the allergen and react with it. They also release tissue-damaging chemicals called lymphokines which cause itching, pain, redness, swelling, and the formation of small wheals or blisters on the skin. This inflammation is usually confined to the site of contact, but in severe cases it may spread to cover large areas of the body. The reaction usually starts within twelve hours of exposure and is at its worst after three to four days, and slowly improves in about seven days. The allergic sensitization may remain with the individual through life, although if there is no further contact with the allergen, the level of sensitivity may gradually decline.

So if any of this information helps someone else at night searching in the beginning to why they are itching like CRAZY!...maybe this was the answer?....I don't know for sure if this is my answer as I just said I just removed mine although the product takes time to totally remove as it is gel an can not be removed with a chemical only sanding.



It never hurts to have other info available to help answer peoples questions..especially if you were not diagnosed yet and are using chat boards to figure out your problem.


Anne Hillebrand - February 4

Itchy Burning Skin.

Very common symptom for Overly Acidic Fibros.

Especially where skin creases or clothes stay in close contact.

Very acidic perspiration causes it.

Don't wear clothes more than once, especially bras. The acid can be absorbed by the band and build up even worse.

Wipe the area with a warm wet washcloth and most of the acid will be removed.

from "Symptom Tricks and Tips" on FibroFix


sos101 - February 5

I have itching as well. Started while i was in high school. It sometimes gets so bad that i wake up from it. It feels like little light jabbs of a needle. I itch and then somewhere else the needle jabs again. All night long. Lately that needle in my left leg has been intense. Feels like some one just stuck a needle in my leg and left it there. There is a web site that talks about not eating any wheat/gluten, corn, dairy, citrus and soy to help relieve the symtoms of FM. I stopped eating wheat and gluten a few years ago(which is just about everything) and in three days i did feel a little better. But the itching is still there. I need to omit the rest to see if that will help out or not. I do have sjorgrens syndrome (it is a auto immue disease that your body attacks the water producing glands) so i have dry eyes, mouth , sinuses, skin and organs can be involed in that as well. But i dont think that is where it is coming from. I also have numbness and some tingleing in my arms and legs inside my mouth, scalp, and some of the tingling is a 5 second tingle in a huge area. sometimes in clusters sometimes by themseves. so i dont know if the itching is a by product of the numbness spreading. The nerves are firing to much and trying to over compensate for nerves going bad or what. The eye doc explained that with sjogrens syndrome that the eyes tear excesively to compensate for the glands that are dying out. The body's reflex mechinisum to correct a diseased area of the body.



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