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It's that time...
21 Replies
tnichel - September 3

We've recently had some newly diagnosed coming to this site for support so I decided we need to lighten the mood a bit and laugh at ourselves. Finding a little humor every day helps with dealing with fms for the long term. If you're newly diagnosed, I promise, the feelings of hopelessness, despair and melancholy will eventually go a away, subside or become manageable. In the mean time. LAUGH AT ME!!!!!!

So let me get to it. Hopefully you'll laugh at me and return the favor. So I found my box of sandwich bags and aluminum foil in the fridge. I don't know why but I keep doing it. But hey, it's better than losing my keys and least I'm putting my underwear on the right way. Finding the tag in in front was getting old! ;) Your Turn!


axxie - September 3

Hey tnichel, that one is funny, so does aluminum foil keep nice in the fridge? lol

I imagine that sandwich bags in the fridge go just right with sandwich meat? (you do know, that you should not be eating any sandwich meats! right....

Nothing knew on my part, except I talk to my neighbor's dog like he was a person, I'm babysitting him, while they come back from a wedding, and I talk to the dog, like he was a person. I wish I knew what that means????


ptalana - September 4

WOW, I thought I was the only one who did that!!! Phew, I feel so much better now. Thanks for sharing :) Patty


kaime - September 4

LOL!!!!!!!! Here's one...I put a movie (VHS tape) in the microwave!!!


pfiinch - September 5

I keep wondering why I am so poor.Well I found if you pay your bills twice in one month you sure can bounce some checks.Nothing like getting ahead of the game yet you come out dirt poor for the fact of all the service charges.Whatch your check books and srew you head back on.However the bank LOVES me to death.Help!


pfiinch - September 5

I also put my keys in the refrigerator.My daughter found them looking for ice cream.Thank God.I needed to go to work.Could you imagine the fun my co-workers would have with that excuse?


axxie - September 7

Hey pfinch, I stopped paying bills, because I couldn't figure out dates, now my husband takes care of bills and keeps our saving accounts away from me. For awhile, I was spending without figuring how much it was going to cost me at the end of the month.

On another note, since reducing my cymbalta from 60 to 30 my head is screwed on better if you know what I mean. I can actually think and I feel more human.

On another hand, I fell again yesterday, I was walking towards the noise of the birds who are migrating and I didn't look where I was going and next thing I knew I was on the ground, yes a frontal fall, I skinned my hands and knees, and survived another whipped=plash, do you think it will eventually stop, me banging in doors and falling on the ground?


pfiinch - September 8

Axxie Actually I think I am o board with you.I have really screwed up on the bills myself.The thing is he is terriable at the bills,I have to hang in there somehow.
The stress at home not help.My adult daughter recover drug user and God do I have to hide my meds and I thought I was going crazy when I ran out now I know I'm not because I busted he.The withdrawls was pure hell.How do you turn in your own kid?I can never remember where I hide them she finds them better than me So becareful about pain meds.
Hope you didn't hurt the little birds because momma will get you.


MsIvy - September 9

Sheesh... I was going to tell you what I put in the fridge the other day... but I can't for the life of me figure out what it was that I rediculously put in the refrigerator! haha, now that's bad. I can see my husband's face when he brought whatever it was to me, after discovering it...but I can't remember the item....(ponder)hmmmnnn... what was it??? now it's going to bug me all night ...but as usual I'll be up so maybe I'll think of it :)


ptalana - September 9

Too funny!!!! What a great thread we have going here, lets keep it going. It's so good to be able to look at the humour of our goof ups and to know that we're not alone!!!
Hope everyone has a super day ;) Patty


michkal - September 9

I know what you mean about not handling your family finances. I kept sending bills to wrong people than when I had to pay IRS I overpaid by 100,000 dollars. Yes check bounced and IRS wasnt very happy. Penalties and year after year of audits is how that paid out. Needless to say my husband now handles all income.

I think I must fall maybe 2 or 3 times a year that causes major damage and sets me back medically (fibro way) for months. The last time I fell I went overbackwards tripped over an excercise bike, fell into a table. WHich resulted in a hairline fracture of my shoulder, sprained wrists and a huge bruise in the back of my leg. Not fun. By I guess it could be worse.


axxie - September 9

Thank's to hubby my bills get paid, that is, if I remember to put them somewhere where he will find them. Otherwise I let my 16yr find them for me for a fee of course.

As for our rainbow trail of pills, I have them everywhere, I recently found some, in the back of sink, now how did it get there, I have no earhtlie idea!. Open any drawers at home and I'm bound to find my pills. My last one was when I was with my mother, sister and brother, we went shopping in NY and I left my newly prescribe pills in his minivan, it took three weeks, before my brother phoned me and asked how I was getting by with no pain pill, and I asked him why, well you know if you leave them in my minivan, you may never see them again, I'm sure I can sell them on the black market and have my youngest go to university with the money I'll make.


tnichel - September 13

OMG! Guys, thanks for the laughs Wow, I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only one's screwing up my finances. I pay my rent twice a few months back. My account kept ending up in the negative do to my less than stellar budget keeping. Around the time I was diagnosed, I totally shut down and missed paying a lot of bills. I'm using auto pay now to keep me on track. It drives me crazy thinking of all the extra money I'm spending from my mistakes and on late fees, etc.

MsIvy, have you remembered yet? lol.

Axxie, I avoid the deli meat and use the sandwich bags for my snacks. But no, I did not know about not eating sandwich me. I just don't by it b/c it goes bad. So you're telling me no more subway or blimpies? Wonderful! ;) Oh and talking to the dog is fine. I'll get concerned if you tell me he responds and you understand it! lol


axxie - September 14

Hey tnichel

Well try to limit your sandwich meats.

Well the dog and the cat don't pay attention to me, but the fruit flies like me alot.

I bought some lemons and I stored them in the cupboard (I guess it must of been me), all of a sudden I'm complaining that we're being invaded my fruit-flies. So I clean the whole kitchen, thinking ok, well they're gone. Well a few days after the clean up it's getting really bad in the kitchen, and I can't figure out why? Hubby found the overipped lemons, where else but in the cubboard..... I don't even remember storing them there!! what a mess, he had to throw out everything that was not in a tight container. Then he say's to me, sometimes you just have to open your eyes.....


solanadelfina - September 14

Oh, these are awesome. There's nothing like humor to keep this at bay.

This isn't something I did, but it was still pretty funny. I just went to an internal medicine doctor who knows what he's doing, (YAY!!) and he ordered a bunch of blood tests for things the others had all missed and sent me down to the lab.

I plop down in the chair and the printer is spitting out order after order like one of those old fashioned pianos with the scroll in it. The lab technicians are looking at each other, then look at me.

"Did the doctor really order all of these? What do you have?"

"How many vials of blood are we going to need?"

"...I don't know, can we double up on some of these?"

I suggested that they just make it easy on themselves and use one of those blood donation bags. Luckily, there was a senior technician who helped them figure out that they could make do with five vials. They, too, must be in debt to a vampire mafia. :)


iliveinpain - September 14

I have an oversized pair of boxer shorts that I wear, strictly indoors! I was walking around the other day and thinking, have I gained that much weight? It seems like these are very tight and uncomfortable all of a sudden. Turns our I had both legs in one leg hole! hahahaha top that you guys LOL ;)


pfiinch - September 14

Oh my God two legs in one.That is way toooo funny.I can't stop laughing.That is way in the world did you walk.Those pants must be real big to be able to put both legs in one.Iliveinpain this takes the cake.Homes funniest video.Make a couple bucks off our crazy days.



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