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It's raining in Chicago
5 Replies
iliveinpain - November 19

And I'm in agony! Oh my God, this dampness is making me hurt so bad. So depressing too!!!! It puts me in such a bad mood, and I don't think my husband understands. My mother in law told me tonite that I should just take a pill. If only I had that magic pill!!!!!


Noca - November 19

What pain killers do you got at your disposal?


Canada17 - November 19

Last week we had some rain here. I ended up with my knee aching like it never has before and with a crazy muscle spasm in it! I get spasms all the time but usually when I put my hand on it, it stops. This one wouldn't.

Even after the weather cleared it was not going away. I bought some Voltaren gel on the advice of my pharmacist. I rubbed that on a couple times a day for a couple days and felt much better.

I realize that isn't going to work very well for widespread pain. But it is very efficient for localized pain and it starts working right away.


Fantod - November 19

Its raining in Michigan - I feel like I've been run over by truck. I have allydonia times 10 today. I don't think getting dressed is an option today. Maybe after I get my fistful of morning meds down the hatch things will improve.... Take care.


brooksidefarm - November 19

I live Northwest of Chicago and my pain in the past few days is awful. Especially the bottoms of my feet. Dress in layers as warmly as possible. I have these undergarments from catalogs that are thin and keep my skin warm, even under a skirt. Legwarmers help too. Not cheap but very helpful. The humidity around here knocks me whether it is warm or cold.


axxie - November 19

Rain in the forecast!!!! Body feeling pain, up in the clouds, head is feeling foggy.

As for the mother in-law, I tell her go take a walk on the wild side..... what pity she needs to chill.

:) I hope for you she doesn't live with you!



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