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It's only Pain
15 Replies
bellabella - June 27

Yep, i know it hurts but it is after all only pain. This might sound like i am being unsympathetic but it is a stratergy that has worked for me for the past 3 or 4 years, even before i knew anything about fibro and certainly before i was diagnosed with it.

It all started with a burning in the back of my legs. upon any sort of movement i would get a sensation of intense muscular buring as if i had run a marathon and my legs were about to collapse from underneath me. It was upseting and frightening especially as i seemed to be suffering from achiness all over which i just put down to being overweight. I eventually lost weight but the achiness didn't go away and the burning sensations were still there. and all the time i felt like my legs were going to collaps and i was frightened of feeling this pain as this pain meant that my legs were seriously damaged in some way.. but then, i realised that in all this time my legs had been hurting and on the verge of collaps.. they never did collaps. they never got any better but at the same time, they never got any worse and i began to realise that whatever it was it was giving pain without any physical deteriation in the amount of work my legs were actually doing.. i was still walking albeit with pain but i was still walking with the same quality of walk / pace/ gait/ as i always had and it was this realisation that the pain and the physical deteriation were entirely two separate things that made the difference to my life as it took the fear out of it.. i realised that the fear of total collapse was the thing that made everything worse and once id managed to detach from that fear i was able to look at the pain in a completely different way.. as something i was almost detatched from.. yes i still have pain, lots of it all over my body but myy head tells me it is only pain.. it is not a life threatening condition.. i do not have to fear it. i have to learn to live side by side with it. Ok so i know i'll never be able to run a marathon but last week i completed a 10 mile walk for a cancer charity.. i was the last person to finish and it took me twice as long but so what.. the fact is i did it.. my legs did not give out, they have not got any worse and so what if i needed to sleep for hours the next day.. if you need sleep you need it! Fibro is certainly an unpleasant thing but i do believe you can train your mind to overcome the fear of it.

bella X


fancithatt - June 28

I am glad you have found a way to cope with your pain. However, I am unable to work, I can't lift over 10 lbs, I have a plate that attaches my head to my neck, the pain that never goes away between my shoulders, spine and neck day in and day out and the terrible spasm's that I live with, the colitis, the restless legs, the sleepless nights (too many to count). Well they all add up after many years of pain and limitation. I have a very high tolerance for pain and it still gets me. So for me its not just pain. It has been a life changing event. I have lived through cancer, I have degenrative disc disease, ostoprosis,(sp?) and FMS. I'm very happy you were able to complete the walk however, many fms patients can't walk at all. Like I said to begin with I'm very happy this "its only pain" works for you and maybe I sound harsh, if I do I'm sorry but for many it has been years of horrible pain only to get worse. Good luck and I hope you never have to feel the pain I go through everyday.



First off, I too am very happy you have found a coping method. We all have different pain tolerances. I know that my pain is ALWAYS there. I do not sit in self pity, but I cannot ignore this either. I am on pain medication, sleeping meds and anti-depressants and still feel intense tail bone and back pain. I am a single working mother and it takes EVERYTHING for me to continue to work. I am very blessed that I am still able to.
Fancithatt- I am glad you survived cancer! You sound like a very tough person! I agree with you. The Pain has DEF changed my life as well. I don't think there is ANYTHING that I do the same as I did 3 years ago.
Hang in there! What are you taking for pain?
I have just started Norco 7.5 ( I was taking Vic 750s but found out the tylenol was killing my liver) but it doesn't seem to keep things under control either! I am thinking I need some LONG ACTING narcotics. I used to be on a fentanyl patch and had vics for break thru. Maybe I should ask for that again.
Well, again, hang in there! You are not alone! I feel your daily pain (well not YOUR pain exactly, but I have SEVERE pain 24-7!) You rock!


fancithatt - July 5

Hi INPAINDAILYJC, I think you were asking me what meds I currently take. If not opps for answering the question. I take Savella and Welburtin for FMS, Darvocet, Soma for pain, Klonipin or Temazipam for sleep, Fosomax+D for Ostoprosis and other stuff for asthma. Don't I sound like a walking pharmacy??
I exercise usually at least 5 days a week and I'm sure not giving up!! I totally agree with you! There are days when I wish I could work but that's just not possible anymore. Keep up the battle :)


Noca - July 5

INPAINDAILYJC Fentanyl patches work great for me though I gotta raise my dose up a little to 50mcg/h next appt. If you are in the US you could ask for Opana ER(long acting) and Opana(breakthru). They are Oxymorphone, a really srong opioid for pain.



I do not think you sound like a walking pharmacy. I have been on a lot of medication as well. The bottom line is hopefully it is helping you. You hang in there and keep up the battle as well! It is so awesome to have a website to talk to other people. Before this site, I thought I was losing my mind ( I still feel that way on my bad days! )

my doctor gave me Morphine Sulfate ER 30 mg twice a day. This has been challenging to get my body used to this. I cannot act like this isn't helping the pain. The other day, I woke up and was able to get out of my bed within a few minutes. NOrmally it takes me FOREVER. Do you know if Opana is stronger than the Morphine]? My doc did speak about the patch. I worry if it isn't on properly I will not get the medication needed. Do you have any problems with that?

Talk to you both soon! Take care and hang in there!


Noca - July 8

INPAINDAILYJC Opana(Oxymorphone) is exactly 3 times stronger than morphine per mg. As for the patch, I have only had problems with 1 patch out of about 60 ive worn so far, and I fixed it with some masking tape.


bellabella - July 9

hey, don't get me wrong here.. i am not disputing the amount of pain anyones in, god forbid! i live with pain every single moment of every single day, and have done for a number of years and yes even on that 10 mile walk, although i made it to the end, i was in a hell of a lot of pain and slept for nearly a week after. I'm not in any competition here to see who hurts the most and who takes the most meds and who has got the most symptoms.. but what i am saying is about pain, it is only pain and that is what helps me deal it - ok, so this mindset about pain might not work for you but at least i have passed on a bit of information that has worked for me and it might work for someone else and i will have been very happy to have helped in some way-
My mindset on it being only pain.. is this.. it is pain without the fear of pain.. they are two separate things.. the fear of pain makes you completely tense and causes the pain to become much worse. without the fear of pain, your muscles relax and the pain is lessened for you.. if you can learn to detach yourself from the fear of pain, you might be able to do a ten mile walk.. yes, it might take twice as long as it should , you might have to sleep after it for quite some time but at least you would have been able to do it and that in it's self is a bit of information i feel is worth passing on.. it's not about positive thought.. its about living alongside and managing this condition without the fear that your life has come to delapidated end.. made all the much more frightening if you are quite a young sufferer, visit support forums for reasurance all you reading about is how it's so bad it's all over for you and all you can see perhaps is 50 years worth of miserable pain and moaning ahead of you.

So there, it's only pain, its not death. it can be managed and fought against.


powderblue - July 9

I think the fear of pain and the anxiety you feel when the pain starts to increase can make the pain worse. However with fibromyalgia I think it can be justified when you are in constant pain. I often live in fear that not doing anything will make it worse and doing too much will make it worse. And believe me I have done that and had flare-ups due to too much exercise which have set me back weeks/months. Trying to find a balance for a tolerable level of pain which is right for your body is not an easy task. I could do exactly the same amount of exercise to the day before and my body might not tolerate it as well.
I also spoke with someone once who said not to fight pain which in a wierd kind of way made some sense. When you fear pain I found it increased my pain as I was trying to fight it. Acknowledging it and trying to relax in some way made it more bearable. But if it is excruiating then I imagine that is a very hard thing to do.
The level of pain and the type of pain we all feel is very individual. I feel achy pain, tight knot pain and nerve pain (sometimes shooting like an electric shock) with fibromyalgia. It is different to other types of pain like being cut or having a headache. Despite how much I am tempted to push through the pain it actually doesn't make sense sometimes when it creates a lot of extra pain and can put me back a few days or weeks. Pain is a symptom of our bodies telling us that things aren't right. For many with fibromyalgia while pain is the predominant symptom we have lots of other symptoms which indicate our bodies are out of whack. Our bodies are overloaded and we have to tread very gently.
So while I have walked a 100km in the past and rang a half marathon when I was pretty much in remission I know that from recent experience that pushing myself beyond my capabilites is plain stupid. Exercise and any extension of pain has to be VERY gradual and for some here just tolerating their pain and getting through the day is something to be commended.



I understand that you aren't in competition. I don't think any of us is. And it is very true that everyones pain is different. Meds that may work for me, may not work for you or anyone else in this forum.
I guess all of us Fibro sufferers have had people that say it is in our heads or we SHOULD be able to do this and that. And it frustrates all of us. Again, we all have different symptoms and levels or pain.
I am sure you were just trying to let us know what has helped you. That is what this forum is about, helping each other and giving helpful tips.
Judgement is definitely not something that shoudl be done in this forum regardless.

Thanks and talk to you all soon!


Tired of it already - July 10

bella X,

You must go see my dr's, they would just love your attitude. What a luxury that you can sleep for hours the next day after your 10 mile walk. Apparently you have found a mattress that is not painful to lay on. Too bad for those of us that can't get 10 steps from the bathroom, let alone 10 miles. And yes, you do sound "unsympathetic", no, you sound superior to all of us who are not as fearless as you. Ta Ta, have a good evening.


fancithatt - July 10

Hello bella X,
I guess I misunderstood your statement because I do not fear anything. I hope anyone who has fear of the pain FMS causes can get some relief. I'm not here to start a controversy but I agree with Tired of it already. Too many people already think "this is only in your head. Change your mind set". I don't know about you but mine isn't in my head and as I said before I have no fear of the pain. I feel the pain, live with the pain, and try to manage the pain. The pain is real the muscles really do spasm, the legs and hips do cramp up, the knife that stabs me in the upper back and shoulders doesn't go away, I wish it would. But I still manage with meds, exercise, and a very strong will to keep up the battle. If only it was fear of pain but its not.
I do hope your idea works for someone too that is in fear


LAWANDA - July 10

hi. i just wanted to ask about the pain patches.i take tylenol #3 for the pain. i have been taking it for almost 2 years now. it does help with the pain. i take one around 9 am. then in the afternoon one. then maybe in the evening. but i find it isnt helping anymore. i go to a pain specialist. i want to ask for something different but am afraid to. i work so the tylenol #3 helps me to do that. i couldnt take anything stronger in the day. i would get sick and then wouldnt be able to work. so is the patch really strong? does it make you sick? (nauseated?)


Noca - July 10

LAWANDA the Fentanyl patch bypasses your stomach and doesnt seem to cause nausea(at least to me) at all unlike other narcotics. Each patch lasts 72 hours, you just change it once every 3 days. It gives a constant flow of Fentanyl into you, which is the strongest opioid pain killer there is. The only downside I have from the patch is the overwhelming sedation, until you get used to it that is.


LAWANDA - July 10

thank you for answering. are you able to work with it? because my if my job knew they would not let me work


mimosette - August 12


When I am in mild daily pain, I , too run every day. But I would be a total fool to even try to do it when I am in agony. Several doctors have conformed this.

You are doing a major disservice to fibro patients to tell them to "push through the pain" when , if they are in a flare, they might attempt such exercise as you describe.

DO you not realize that there are people who actually commit suicide when in a flare so bad they cannot bear the pain?

Push through the pain my A**.



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