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It's one of those days
2 Replies
kvc33 - October 5

I sometimes get to the point where I want nothing to do with people who aren't severely ill. Twice today, I have been disbelieved by people when I have told them that I have severe CFS and fibromyalgia. I have gotten, "I have pain too," and "you should stay active." It almost seems pointless to have any contact with 'the normals', their disbelief is hurtful and makes me wish I had never spoken to them!


seedbeads - October 5

I totally get that - there are days where I feel like we're a totally different species. Sometimes it even feels like my husband and I are from different planets. I want to know why the always think they have the answer when they don't really know what the problem is.


PEANUT - October 5

You are right - this is definitely a daily occurence. I choose to consider the source of the 'comment' and realize that, in most cases they mean well and really don't know what to say, and that, because they don't walk in 'our' shoes, they cannot begin to relate on the same level. I try not to take any of 'their' comments to heart, it only adds to the
illness. At the same time, I remember back to when I was a 'normal' and if anyone had told me all that is wrong with them and their health (meaning describing my current symptoms) I would have a hard time believing the 'extent' of the sickness and maybe even would have thought it to be a little 'unbelievable'. Even now when I think of the daily challenges, and how it varies so very much, I find myself not 'believing' this is possible. But alas, I am living it so I know it to be true! I guess it's human nature that 'seeing is believing' or in this case,that 'living with FMS and CFS (or seeing your loved one suffering with these every day) is believing'. Sadly if someone in our lives chooses not to 'believe', (I never expect anyone to understand something that I don't understand myself) and don't find us to be credible, then they are 'outta here'. Their loss, not ours! Anyway, for me, this is a better day (so far) and so I want to send some of my 'better vibes' out to everyone! My philosophy is not to count every day (especialy when one is in misery) but to make every day count! Gentle 'hugs' to all!



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