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It's not Fibromyalgia, it's Candida Yeast!!!
3 Replies
Cheryl - May 9

I'm writing to let people know that I saw 4 drs. and fibro was thought to be my problem, constant joint and muscle aches every minute of the day, brain fog, headaches,etc. I researched on the net constantly. When a fungus appeared on my toe, I remember someone once saying it's sometimes caused by internal yeast, not external bacteria. I went on a strict diet, eliminating all forms of sugar, wheat & yeast products and I feel 85% better, and it's only been 2 weeks. I bought an anti-candida yeast guidebook which lists every food I can and cannot have. It tells me all steps needed to eradicate these parasites living in my body and causing all my problems. And I thought I just had a sweet tooth! It was my yeast infection begging to be fed! It's worth a try, it may be what's really causing YOUR misery as well! Do web searches and follow the directions.


fibroprof - May 7

I've read these types of dietary suggestions often lately, and while I don't disagree that the yeast symptoms are so so similar AND you likely are right about the yeast connection, I've read alternative theories to explain why the no sugar approach is so useful. Gluten Free diets as well as sugar free have never worked for me, although they are super healthy for the average non diabetic/hypoglymic/celiac patient or even the everday Joanne. I started with a caveman diet once--boiled chicken and rice was the first week I think. I actually felt worse.

It's always so individual. I comment here just so "It's not Fibromyalgia, it's candida yeast", your title, is seen as validated for you, but doesn't mean that no one has fibromyalgia and it is always yeast instead.

I don't think that's what you meant, but I'm just sick lately of people who hear I have fibro saying, "who doesn't?" or "isn't that one of those diseased docs think are made up?" Good luck with the diet. It's only a positive step no matter what the root.


Cheryl - May 8

You're right, Fibroprof, my title is not what I meant. I meant it really only for my own diagnosis. I've been so happy lately that something finally worked for me, and I have a cause and effect, and I really hope it may be the same story for other people. The trigger points on my upper back and extreme tension headaches have been fading away as well and my need for muscle relaxors is almost non existent. I still can't believe sugar/wheat/yeast have had a direct effect me. The books and websites said I might feel worse when I started the diet because as the yeast die off, they produce the same painful experiences, but that didn't happen to me. Although my pain was semi-alleviated by taking Ultram (50 mg./day), it doesn't help everyone. I can't imagine how terrible people must feel and not have a pain killer to help, and I'm very grateful I've made progress with what I'm doing. I only hope it continues. I don't know if I'll ever be able to eat a bowl of ice cream and not wake up to throbbing in my joints, but it's a small price to pay. I wanted to spread the word in case there might actually be someone else out there who responds to the same treatment. Even when I told my dr. that I felt better when I gave up those products after the first 4 days, he still looked at me like I was nuts. To hell with what they all think. Isn't there one doctor out there who actually has the disease and can vouch for what fibro patients say? Maybe when a famous athlete or celebrity writes a book about living with it, then people will finally believe.


fibroprof - May 9

I'm with ya! I wonder too if there are any physicians who could comment. I'm terrible with the sugar and I'm on a thought out decline, not a cold-turkey approach. It can only help me, so I'm going to shadow you.



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