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It's just a mistake!!! I am nobody but LYLE!!!
11 Replies
Lyle Anderson - January 18

I've been away for a while and WOW!!! What's ahppened? Hey, listen, all I said was I was from Detroit, that's all, born and raised there but now living in California. I just said I was from Detroit! How can that make me into somebody else? Anyway, whoever came to this conclusion, I'm sorry if you think I'm somebody else but I'm not. A lot of us were hurt when Barbar died, but she died and I am not her! I am REALLY sorry you came to this conclusion. I can see how it would really hurt. Really. But it's just a mistake. I just posted a note trying to cheer everybody up and create a little community, that's all. Really. That's all. I am so sorry if you were hurt---if anybody was hurt---by this mistake, but it's a mistake. I might be an honest mistake, but it is a mistake. Barbar was cool and intelligent and used big words and she was a very, very sad person in a lot of pain. I am just in pain, with the rest of you (LOL). But I'm not smart, don't know any big words and I'm only cool when I take off my t-shirt and stand in front of the refrigerator. I am so sorry for your losses and I am so sorry for barbar's death but you could tell from some of her postings that she probably wasn't going to make it. Listen, I have an idea. How about if I leave this forum instead of anybody else. I mean if my name scares people or makes them sad...I don't want to do any of that and I don't want to remind people of Barbar. As sad as she was, she never tried to hurt this forum and I'm sure she wouldn't want to now. I don't either. I am so, so, so sorry this happened, but trust me, it is a MISTAKE!!! Please, don't be sad. Don't think about this anymore. OK?


Lyle Anderson - January 18

P.S. My pets: I have python and a gecko, like the GEICO gecko. Hardly a bird. You, know, I am a big, big man, 6'3" and a 'little' overweight. I box, I bike, I write some poetry, and I wrap the pyth around my arm sometimes and go for walks to let the kids see snakes are ok. My point is that I can feel a tear or two heading toward my eyeball over this. Godda**!!! this is tough. I am SO sorry if I ever made anyone think such a sad, sad thing. And yeah, I remember Percy. I often thought about feeding him to my pyth.


Lyle Anderson - January 18

Oh yeah, I read some pf the psots trying to say who's who. They said I'm barbar because I came from Detroit now live in california and have an "unusual pet". That's true for a lot of people and it's not enough to say I'm somebody else just because we have this in common. Barbar's not the one dragging anyone through hell with any fake suicide. Whoever decided I was babrbar is the one dragging us through hell. Come on, the woman's dead!!! Let it go----Or maybe that's it, maybe we all hurt too much ovr her death and need---I mean really need---to believe she's back with us nad she never died. I'm sorry if I'm not her and I'm sorry if realizing that makes you re-live her death but whoever decided I was her---and I understand the need to believe she's ok, alive and well---whoever decided I was her has done us all a disservice, even if it was unintentional. Please let Barbar just die. Let her go. Don't bring her up again. It really hurts way too much. You can tell from reading some folks posts. They are really hurt. Please don't make it any worse by mistaking me---or anyone else---for her. SOmebody posted some rules. I'll add another one: let's all agree to believe whoever we say we are we are. G*dd*mn!!! My solar plexus is just shatterred over this. How devestating. I'm sorry, you can tell how upset I am by all these posts I'm doing. I'm sorry for taking your time. It's just that I am so devesatated.


BrandyO - January 18

Lyle, if they are right, and you are Barbar, I forgive you. But if they are wrong about you, I am sorry that this has caused you stress in any way.
At this point I think we all just want to move on. Take care! Brandy


Iori - January 19

BrandyO please don't get snowed again. I'm at the point where coming here has become more stressor than helper... I cannot stand reading these psycho twisted posts anymore. I hope you guys all choose to ignore the obvious rubbish. Wishing all of you ~good sincere people~ out here all the best of health & healing. thanks for all the good info & advice. good luck.


Lyle Anderson - January 19

Lori, I don't know which is the snow job, that I am barbar or that I'm not? Please be fair to me and believe that I am not. I just wanted to hang with the forum. I didn't do anything to deserve this label, but I am forever going to be known as the sicko lady who played at suicide. That's not fair to me or to anyone who was in as much trouble as barbar was. I'm going to believe I got branded because people just can't bare the grief and sadness of her loss. But I am never going to get past this label. This is like accusing Larry of being barbar. This is so unfair.


dream69 - January 19

I know you are angry Lyle but just let it go. Continue contributing like you did with the Sjogren's syndrome post. That was informative. Lets all function like one mind with a path to understand this disease.


Lyle Anderson - January 19

Be kinder than necessary for everyone is fighting some kind of battle. Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God. I saw it in a 'Happy New Year' e-mail. I will honestly try to let it go, dream69, but out there somewhere is somebody who's gonna say I'm Jimmy Hoffa because I used the word 'the' and he once heard Hoffa use the same word! I just don't like what this rumor says about me---and I haven't even been here that long---and about someone who died. It was a terribly, terribly cruel thing---to have done to all of us. Just because I was the person named doesn't mean I was the only one who suffered from it. We've really got to stop treating each other like this.


BrandyO - January 19

Lori, I don't feel as tho I am being snowed. I try to be a forgiving person. I don't care if Lyle is Barbar or the man in the moon. I chose to forgive and go on. Holding onto grudges only eats away at the person holding onto it. And if Lyle is really who he says he is why on earth would I want to make him suffer because someone else decided to make him out to be the bad guy. If we don't like something that is posted we should just skip it. That is what I plan to do. Gentle hugs to you all. Brandy :)


Patrice - January 22

Welcome Lyle! Even though I have not been a regular on this site for a long time like some of the others, I want to tell you that I appreciate you and your posts. Please keep up the good posts and positive attitude. Forget the past and go forward. The more 'positive people' that give more 'positive posts' are going to make this forum awesome. It will also be a help to those that are down, in a slump, and depressed. We need each other. We need to encourage each other. Negative posts only destroy. Again ... welcome and thanks!


Lyle Anderson - January 22

Thank you guys, BrandyO and Patrice. I will never be able to convince people that I am not poor old barbar. But it's up to them to sort their minds out one way or another. They could just as well branded me with some othe monicker. If you want to beat a dog, you'll find a stick. I was the dog and that was the stick . The only problem is that we waste so much time on nonsense when we should be helping each other. I thank you for your support and I will be sure to remember it when things get tough again, and they will. Kyle


BRENDA - January 23

Lyle I believe you! I know that very few people here are really called the names they have chosen! IT DOESN'T MATTER!! What DOES MATTER is what we have to contribute to each other! Please stay & continue to provide the helpful info & support you have so far! There are people here only to cause problems, but you are NOT one!



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