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It just isn't working....
3 Replies
linda brown - November 28

hi all, just wanted to see if anyone else feel like everyone expects you to "get better" just because you're on a new med or they've heard about new tx's? Well, I've tired so many of the new things like the lyrica, ambien, lunesta, tigger point injections, accuputure, etc. and it just isn't working for me. I hate to tell my husband or family that these things don't work for me, they want so much for me to get back to "normal". I'm so thankful for this forum. Just wanted to know if anyone else feels this way, thanks


islandguy - December 3

Hi Linda: Well I think that we have all been here at one point or another and sometimes more frequently that we want to. We would all strive to be normal again along with having our loved ones see us like that again. We do not look sick (for the most part) but the deep muscle aches and the flu like symptoms can be more than bearable at times. It is interesting to note that many of Dr. Kevorkian's patients for assisted suicide were Fibromyalgia patients. Scary when you think about it. ....Remember the five stages of grievance that you have to go through and work within those parameters. Acceptance is the hardest one because we all want to get back to our old lives....I have also tried many things and nothing seems to work for me except the lidocaine sub Q and I see from another blurb that is on your list of things to inquire about. Hold your head up high and keep positive. Try to surround yourself with supportive people and when you are having a bad day or a flare......try putting your mind in a happy place or turn on a show that may put a smile or a giggle in your day. It all helps. Take care because we care.......


linda brown - December 4

thanks islandguy!!!!! will keep looking for your postings on how you're doing


Gabbie - December 4

Hi Linda. I think most fibro sufferers probably feel pretty much the same as far as the comment or glance that says "but you don't look sick". I have told only a few family members, my co-workers and boss (so they don't wonder what's going on with me especially when the fibro fog rolls in or if I get the sudden stiffness/pain) and just 2 of my very close friends. They certainly are supportive, when I need it, but whether or not they really "get it" is anybody's guess. I have found that the more "normal" I try to be, the better I feel. I went through the stages that islandguy spoke of, and he is so right in the way he has explained it. I gave myself a little time to feel sorry for myself, and then I choose to pick up the pieces so to speak, and get on with my life. I have tried to balance adequate rest with activity and keep a positive outlook. It really has helped me to come to terms with this condition and has enabled me to deal with it a little better even on my worst days. I haven't used the meds (actually I'm a little afraid of them) but have found that lidocaine cream helps on the pressure points and Tylenol PM helps me to sleep. Maybe it would be helpful to you also. I also agree, this forum is the best therapy for anyone because everyone here understands. Take care.



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