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It Feels like Hot Burning Needles...
5 Replies
Stacey373 - June 13

Hi! I'm wondering if any of you have this problem? My stomach feels like I have hot burning needles being poked into it every time I move, cough, whatever. I've had 3 C-sections that didn't go too well and I was told I have ALOT of scar tissue down there. (they literally had to cut my last child out of this "spider web" of scar tissue) So I don't know if this is happening because of the C-section problems or if it's the Fibro or both. It originally started years ago only when I was on my period, but I've noticed that over the past year (maybe longer) that it's progressively gotten worse and will last 2-3 weeks every month. I don't know, it could just be the nerves trying to "spark" or something like that and it is only in my stomach and not anywhere else on my body.

Does anyone else have this problem]
Stacey :o)


Noca - June 14

I'm a guy so I don't have that specific problem sorry.


julissarodriguez - June 14

Hi Stacey,

Have you ever had a ultrasound or MRI to check to uterine fibroids? I felt the same kind of symptoms a few years ago, and had fibroids.



Fantod - June 14

Stacey - I agree with Julissa that you should be checked out for uterine fibroids. If that is not an issue, than I would say that you are experiencing nerve pain from all of the C sections. Gabapentin is usually prescribed for that. Your problem sounds painful and annoying. I hope that you can figure out what the problem is and find some relief.


lvolsen - June 16

Hi Stacey373,
Your story sounds very similar to mine. Over the course of 5 years I had 4 c-sections. Last one I had tubes tied. I was experiencing alot of abdominal pain over the course of many years. My gynocologist and family dr. believed I had adhesions - scar tisue that cocooned around my intestines and abdominal organs - to the point they did not work well causing alot of pain. I had a laproscopic surgery to remove adhesions and also they put in a substance to prevent adhesions from happening again.
Surgery was a breeze compared to c-sections and well worth the trouble. I encourage you to see gynecologist - and get their input. I was only recently diagnosed with fibro - but from reading these posts I believe I have suffered from fibro symptoms for atleast 25 years. I am currently 48 and feel 88 most days. But am learning to find out what works for me, mostly diet changes and making sure I get my rest. Your symptoms are very real and it may take a couple of doctors to not make you feel like it is in your imagination. My mother also had the fibroids and doctors didn't believe her until she was literally having labor pains - her body was trying to expel them. she had surgery the next day and her "imaginary pain went away". Get it checked.


Stacey373 - June 19

Thanks everyone!

I wasn't sure if this was caused by the Fibro or something else. Looks like eventually I will have to have this problem checked too. I don't have insurance right now, so I'm just "filing" all of this stuff away and will deal with it when I do get insurance again.

Thanks, Stacey :o)



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