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Issues with Tongue? Scared to Death
14 Replies
farmgirl - June 30

The problem I am the most frustrated with and have hit a wall with doctors is with my tongue. Sometimes it gets hugely swollen (so much so that I actually have grooves in the side of it where it presses against my teeth). It becomes difficult to manipulate it to make sure I am speaking clearly. It will feel tired too sometimes after I eat or have a long conversation. Has anyone ever had these problems? I'm in a state of panic because these are also symptoms of another disease that I don't even want to think about.


Noca - June 30

Never had that exact problem. I get sores on my tongue when i burn it on food sometimes or get a canker sore but that's about that.


kvc33 - June 30

Could be the symptoms of a food allergy. Keep a record of when it happens and what you have eaten and drank that day. Sometimes it even takes a few days after eating something that the body is allergic to for the symptoms to show up. Have you tried ice to reduce the swelling?


farmgirl - July 1

I have thought of the allergy thing and spent weeks documenting everything I put in my mouth and there never seemed to be an association to anything I was eating. I even went through eliminating entire classes of foods to see if it helped but it didn't.


kvc33 - July 1

Do you have issues with your ears, nose or throat? May an ENT doctor could help you.


kvc33 - July 1

Some people are allergic to toothpaste, try using a natural one for a while.


bbk1950 - July 2

I have been having a problem with my tongue off and on for several years now. Mine will be really sore and as you say it rubs against your teeth to where it is even hard to speak or eat. I am also a diabetic so I was not sure which disorder was causing this. I do understand your pain. My doctor thinks it is a form of too much yeast in the body and it could be a herpes virus, which when I first heard the words I thought how in the world did I get that. I read that the herpes virus causes the little sores you get inside your mouth and I am not sure but maybe even fever blisters (thankfully I don't have that to deal with)but there again diabetes and fibromyalgia both effect your immune system so it could still come from either one. Every day you live we learn something new. I just happened upon this web site and found the articles so helpful.


chucksusanandgrace - July 30

Have you had your B12 levels checked?????????????


iliveinpain - July 30

Farmgirl, you need to see a good dentist. I've had the same thing and it was diagnosed as geographic tongue, cause my tongue actually looked like a map with the grooves and discoloration. It got so bad because it became so irritated with spicy foods. To this day I can't eat anything spicy or chew minty candy or use mint flavored toothpaste or mouthwash. The only thing I can use is Tom's oral comfort at Whole Foods. To be certain, my dentist had me see an oral surgeon for a second opinion because the irritation had spread all over my mouth after a while. It was diagnosed oral lichen planus and is NOT cancer, so try to relax. I was given a prescription mouth rinse that I used 3 x a day and was better in a few days. It is considered an autoimmune condition, so it's not surprising fibro patients would develop it. It will still flare up now and then, especially if I've eaten something I shouldn't or during times of stress. I use my rinse, and it helps right away. Try to relax, this is most likely what you have. But see your dentist or oral surgeon and have them write you a script. Even if they tell you they need to biopsy it, don't freak, that happened to me too, and I'm fine now :)


englishrose - July 31

Hi farmgirl sorry to hear about your problem :( I dont get the swollen tongue but i do get sore patches that look like burns ..I was told its a food allergy or yeast infection sometimes its worse than others but nothing surprises me with fibro anymore there seems to be so many things related to it ..Hope you get to the bottom of your problem soon ..


Nancy-Ann - August 1

livein pain...I too have the same problem as you. You are the only other person that I have heard of that has this problem like me. My doctor thinks I'm nuts. She said she has no idea what is wrong with my tongue. I did some research online and I came up with geographic tongue. It is so fustrating. I love salads, and can't really eat them because the salad dressing kills my tongue. Orange juice, pickels, and tomatoes are some others. My lips also get very dry and the only way I can explain it, is that they get gummy.(?) It's like they sort of peel. I have had fibro now fo a little over 10 years. Every year it gets worse. Sometimes I just sit in my rocking chair and rock. Thank God I have a vey understanding and caring husband.
God Bless...Nancy-Ann


[email protected] - August 2

Actually a few months ago my throat swelled up pretty bad. It started with hives all over my body. I was put on prednisone and it worked, but when I stopped it came back with a vengance. My throat swelled to the point that I called 911 because I was afraid my throat was going to close. The little "punching bag" was touching my tongue and I was really scared. They shot me up with Benydral and I was fine afterwards. I was put on a higher dosage of predisone and it has not come back.


Peterbolen - August 3

I found if I had food that had quite a bit of sugar in it like jam, my throat used to swell up, i had an allergy test done, and found I was allergic to sugar,wheat,barley,citrus fruits,apples,caffine.
i have been better now the warmer weather is here
stress brings on the fatique which is almost worse than the pain.


hollowsnothorcruxes - August 5

My mouth gets tired when I eat sometimes. During a flare up sometimes I'm stuck on soup. It only happens on the worst flare up days though.
I've never had the tongue problem though. Perhaps the stress from the infection or just not knowing what it is is causing the fatigue with eating. Maybe the fatigue part is fibromyalgia & the tongue thing is something else.


jaykie93612 - August 10

Farmgirl -
I had the same problem for years. I saw "The Tongue Doctor" on Rachel Ray and he talked about "ribbon" or "scalloped" tongue. Which is what we have. Sometime later I saw that swollen tongue was a side effect of Effexor. It's not real common but it explained my issue. The other problem is that when you sleep on your back it totally obstructs your airway, resulting in major sleep apnea. I hope this helps you and at least gives you something to check out.



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