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is this the same for you
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susanandpaul - May 21

I'm new here and have posted a couple of threads recently but I would like to tell my story of my fms diagnosis. 9 years ago(at 41), I was diagnosed with fm after months of really odd symptoms which included extreme fatigue, neck and shoulder pain, dizziness which was so bad I had to hold on to the walls to stop me falling over. After being told by several different doctors that I was suffering from depression I finally went private. I live in the UK so going private cost a fortune, however the doctor I saw diagnosed me with fm. He sent me to a thyroid specialist first to rule out any problems there. I was then sent off without any medication as I was told I just had to live with it?
I decided to see a herbalist/naturopath, who asked a few questions about the previous year leading up to me suddenly feeling unwell. I had been through a really rocky patch in my marriage, which resulted in a house move from one end of the country to another. I also lost two female friends to cancer who were round about the same age as me, within 2 months of each other and another friend lost a baby at 37 weeks pregnant. She told me my body couldn't cope anymore and recommended some supplements. I continued to have symptoms for almost a year and then suddenly I started to feel better. I felt fine for about 6 months and then suddenly I had, what I now realise ,is a flare up. The dizziness, nausea, excrutiating neck pain came back and also some new ones. This has been my experience for the last few years. Unfortunately, in the past two years I had the added bonus of menopause symptoms and sometimes I'm not sure if its the fm or menopause making me feel bad. This past year has seen me with pain in my hip which wakes me during the night and only disappears if I get up and walk about. I have tingling in my hands and arms,joint pain in my right hand, muscle pain in my chest and both thighs that came out of nowhere and then just disappeared, and in the last two months I have this really odd sensation at the back of my head which I have put down to whiplash after a teenager drove into the back of me,but which I have researched and found is caused by anxiety! No wonder I'm anxious!!
The last time I saw my GP and told him about the fm he completely dismissed me. I am sick of going to the doctor with yet more symptoms only to be told there is nothing wrong with me. I am sick of the constant feelings of dread. I wake up everyday and think, today is the day I drop down dead from either a heart attack or brain tumour or a blood clot. I don't know how I manage to get through my days work. I'm so tired all the time again. I keep hoping that this flare up will pass once again and I'll feel better again. I would love to know if any of you have the same kind of fm as myself and if it was brought on by a near nervous breakdown.
I take vit b complex, vit E, fish oil and magnesium to try and keep myself healthy. I also take flax every day. If anyone can come up with anything else I would appreciate it. I try to take as few painkillers as possible. Sorry if I've gone on a bit but you are all the onlly people who know what this is like.


kvc33 - May 22

FM is often brought on by stress or trauma by not always. What is your sleep like? Addressing insomnia is one of the best ways to help with FM, also gentle stretching, mild exercise, and hot and/or cold packs can help. Massage and chiropractic care help me too. Deep breathing, meditation, prayer aid in relaxation. If you can stay away from toxic drugs that is a good thing. You might want to try a natural supplement called Curamin with contains curcumin, a substance found in the spice tumeric. Change doctors to someone who believes in FM and if you can't just have him focus on symptom relief because he will have more interest in that. I used to have dizziness due to low blood pressure, what is yours? Low BP is common with us.



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