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Is This Normal? Or am i a Freak!!!!!
9 Replies
toots2889 - September 9

As some of you know, ive been having a terrible time with my ears. I went to the clinic here where i live, to see an ENT. He did some tests on me and couldnt find anything wrong. He is now sending me to the Mayo Clinic to see a specialist there. Remember i had that thing where my ears were plugged and couldnt get them to pop? It took forever & sitting in dentist chair to get them to. Then i started getting real bad pains in them. Well dr. put me on Naproxen for my back recently, and it helped my ears. No more major pain there, until i came off the Naproxen. Now the pain is coming back and im even waking in the middle of the night because my ear that im sleeping on hurts so bad, is burning, and its like there been no blood supply or something going to that ear. This ear thing is getting really sickening. I cant get into Mayo for another month yet, so im wondering if i should ask dr. to put me back on the Naproxen. Any suggestions or feedback would be swell!!! Has this happened to any of you?


Stacey373 - September 9

Hi Toots! You can buy Naproxen over the's called Aleve. If it helped your ear that much...I would definitely just got pick some Aleve up and start taking it as you were originally prescribed. As I said before...Naproxen/Aleve is an anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling...sounds like you have swelling in your ears.

You should really talk to your doctor and tell him that the meds are helping you....maybe he can figure out what's wrong with this information.

Take Care, Stacey :o)


mm30 - September 9

hey toots2889,

hopin you get that sorted ]:(
you know what though i dont have pain per say but i am experiencing my ears popping alot lately. i was out with my partner today and i said to him my voice is in my head..meaning they popped) he looked at me strangely and said did you just say you hear voices in your head. i think he wouldnt be surprised at this stage lol.
seriously though my ears (particularily my right) does it alot lately and all the yawning and holding my nose is doing nothing.
strange i did wonder was it a fibro thing.

best of luck with finding some comfort


kvc33 - September 9

It could be a viral infection that will pass,(they can last for months) or it could be allergies. I've had bad sinus headaches for three years and to make a long story short the symptoms progressed to more allergy-like and going on 24 antihistamines has helped a lot. I had no idea what was wrong for so long. I also have a feeling of fullness in my ears, ringing and cracking when I swallow. Those things I ignore. At times my ears are very itchy.


toots2889 - September 10

Well, since no one has this ear thing im talking about, that wakes me up at night, I think im a FREAK!!!!!! Its all good, dont mind at all.LOL I will go ahead and get me some Aleve and continue that until i get to Rochester.


Fibrosukz - September 11

Hi Toots!!
I dont know if you have this or not but my ears at most times feel like there is cotton in them and/or plugged. When i went to the dr about he checked them out and nothing to find but he chalked up that my TMJ was swelling and if i press on the jaw right infront of my ear it make funny sounds. I also had anti-inflammatory meds and cleared it up but comes back time to time. Really annoying!!


Kaia-angel - October 4

ok i know this is an semi old post but YOU ARENT ALONE!!! i think what you are going through is the same as me! since i was about 15 ive had this terrible pain in whatever ear i am sleeping on at night, 5 out of 7 nights a week. it feels like it is on fire, throbbing, and as if the cartilage (sp?) were shattered like bone! not the inner ear, but the cartilage. i'll look at it and feel it and there is no visible swelling, just serious pain! i always thought it was another "unexplained pain" i had, which i know now its fibro. actually ive never mentioned the ear pain to my drs but just assumed that it was fibro related.
Unfortunately ive not had anything help, except to flip over to the other ear (until that one starts up) and it is bad enough it will wake me up. alot of nights i either have to deal with it or attempt to lay on my back and deal with the pain of my lower back & hips. Why is it that we Fibro Sufferers always have to trade in one pain for another? when we can relieve one pain, that action always causes another on! im sorry that i dont have any tips for you, i wish i did! but now im thinking about those kind of expensive pillows that stay cool and are made from types of seed shells.. flax seeds or something. or even the tiny foam ball filled ones. i'm gonna get one of those and let you know how it helps! if you discover the miracle please let me know!


toots2889 - October 5

Wow! Cant believe it. It sounds exactly like what i go through. I still dont know the cause, but if i find out anything i definitely will let you know. I was suppose to be at Mayo Clinic today but had to cancel due to having back surgery. In the mean time take care and it was nice hearing from you.


HerRoyalHighness - October 5

There are pillows you can buy that have a cut out space for the ear to nestle in, taking all pressure off your ear at night. I don't think i can post links on this forum, but if you google "pillow for ear surgery" or something similar, you should find them right away. Hopefully that is helpful.


deadgamegrrl - October 5

Thanks HRH!
I misread this whole thread when I first looked at it, but I often have the same problem. IT started years ago, way before the FM set in. I will sometimes arrange my head so only the top and my cheek are on the pillow ,keeping my ear weight free. I was thinking about trying to use one of those neck pillows as a pillow somehow to do the same thing. I will google asap!



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