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Is this Fibromyalgia - allergies, lip swelling, exhaustion.
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sylviaohara - December 17

Hello. This is my first post. I have not been diagnosed with Fibro. I beginning to think that my health problems over the last two years have been due to Fibro. I'm looking for some feedback about whether my symptoms have legitimacy as being Fibro. I’m also looking for advice on how to navigate the health care system without feeling like I'm a crazy person without anything "wrong."
The first year that I felt "off," I attributed this to being a new mother. As the symptoms didn't ease as my child became more independent. I went to the doctor with the suspicious that I had a vitamin D deficiency. I was (still am) EXHAUSTED. I mean truly and utterly exhausted. So exhausted that it was difficult for me to be a functional happy person. I had elbow, knee, and hip pain. My pain was/is not debilitating. I’m at a 3 or 4 on the pain scale. I’m more concerned about my scattered pain, because it is weird. I was dizzy, felt nauseous, and had regular headaches. I also had sleep problems and had a difficult time getting myself out of bed due to my exhaustion. My doc ordered blood work. The labs came back normal. My doctor suggested that I was depressed and was not leading a healthy lifestyle. She recommended that I exercise, drink more water, and take anti-depressants.
I trusted this recommendation until I started having strange allergic reactions. My lips would swell to the point of bursting. I'd have a strange rash around my lips. This happened on and off. I stopped taking all medication. When this did not solve the problem, I thought that I was allergic to aspartame. I was drinking diet soda in excess because I was so tired. I stopped consuming aspartame and my symptoms felt better momentarily. However, I kept having allergic reactions. I was missing work and was embarrassed about my lips being constantly "ugly." My continual reactions and no relief in my other symptoms have lead me to remove the following from my diet: yellow 5, yellow 6, yellow 10... and then eventually all dye. I then removed all additives. During this time frame of about a year, I was my doc for three serious reactions. I was prescribed an epi-pen and referred to an allergist.
My allergist is now telling me that what is going on with me is NOT an allergy. I went back to my family doctor today to start from square one. My doctor (the same doc who prescribed the epi-pen) agreed with the allergist that my symptoms and lip swelling were not due to allergies. When I was upset and explained that I needed to have a next step, he assured me that my reactions were not life threatening. I had to be pushy before he recommended a follow up appointment. I feel like I have nowhere to go from here. My symptoms are debilitating, but definitely impacting my quality of life. I so overwhelmed by the thought of going forward without any direction.
If any of you have experienced any of this, would you be so kind to let me know what has helped you? THANK YOU!



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