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Is this Fibromyalgia?
2 Replies
RUKU2 - August 8

Hi - this site is great! I just saw my 2nd Rheuma dr. who said I don't have AS or a rheumatoid arthritis - he said it was Fibromyalgia. From what I"m reading - I don't know if that's what it is. Please help me to define my symptoms. I have pain / ache nearly all over my body - shoulder, neck, (an OD dx neck arthritis and said I have referred pain in the shoulder) lower back, wrist, inside lower arm, toe (sometimes), have had outer top ear pain and jaw pain, and most recently, in my chest, just under the breast. (it is not a cardio issue - had that checked) and also a sensation of feeling like I can't take a deep breath - which I think is different from shortness of breath - but don't know for sure. Most of my aches favor the left side - though sometimes I have them on the right. The pain / ache is very short lived usually - 5 minutes - but it is fairly regularly throughout the day in all locations. I should add that I have chronic iritis for 2 1/2 years, and early signs of sacroilitis. I don't have the intense pain I'm reading about, the brain fog or total exhausation. Tired - yes, of course - I have experienced a couple of episodes of complete fatigue but luckily it isn't regular.

Re-reading this, it does seem like I'm crazy. These pains come and go, some are worse than others. Any insight / thoughts would be great.

thanks - Ruth


JJ1 - August 9

I think it affects people differently. Or maybe several ailments are getting lumped under one label - fibromyalgia. Your symptoms sound very fibromyalgia-like, particulary the chest pain (chostrochondritis?). I have more of the brain fog and cognitive issues, IBS, anemia, and only mild and very intermittent pain. I often doubt my diagnosis, but whenever I try to rule out something else, it typically comes back negative. Just see your doc regularly and be sure to inform the doc of any new symptoms or changes to existing ones. Sometimes i feel crazy and like a hypochondriac, but that is just the way it is.


melvian - August 9

Never feel like your crazy or alone. Check out mayo's website. There's a list of symptoms that may help you.



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