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is this fibro or something else
4 Replies
Munchie69 - December 28

hi am new here,been looking on fibro site for a while try to make this short four years ago came down with what i can say is four months of severe chronic pain could not work was back and forth to hospital and no one new what the problem was well apart from the fact i was made to believe it was all in my head had mri was clear brain scan was clear all blood tests clear no pain killers seem to work well got over that bad bout but still have daily troubles with one extra area of pain being my back real bad have buttock pain and leg pain on and off all the time have been to pain doc but he just gives me injections well pain blocks in my back but does not say what the prob is have loads of symptons mostly pain and real bad tiredness some days are worse than others twitching when its on a roll is driving me mad i feel like im going crazy does this sound like fibro im almost to scared to ask to see another neurologist just in case he tells me im off my head sorry for going on a bit but need to no whats wrong with me


Fantod - December 29

I think you should see a rheumatologist. Your symptoms sound like FMS and that would be the type of doctor you need to see to be sure. Let us know how you are doing.


Munchie69 - December 29

Thanks for your answer i will see gp in the week and see if he can refer me again as it has been about three years since i saw the last rheumy


LindaQ - January 2

I agree, you need a good rheumatologist. And your symptoms sure sound like FMS to me too. Tell them of what you suspect it is and then let them rule out things and varify.


Gabbie - January 2

It is important that you see a good rheumatologist that knows about fibro. Your symptoms certainly sound like you may have it and working with a good rheum will help you. This forum is also great therapy, so I encourage you to visit it often. Good luck.



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