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is this fibro chest pain
8 Replies
trace - August 24

hi i posted yesterday about chest pain and a couple of you seem to think that its cardiac but iv had this for almost two years and at the start of my illness the doc was doing about three ecgs a week on me i was wondering if anybody else suffers from this type of pain its driving me crazy


LEO - August 23

if you look at the other current posts you will see at LEAST 3 other people asking about chest pain, just inthe last day or so.... It is VERY common w/ FM. if the EKG's are normal I think it's safe to assume it's muscular. do some reading up on trigger points, especially in your pecs major & minor, also your ribs. this is 99% of your pain I'm sure.... worry will make it MUCH worse, try to relax....:)


trace - August 23

thanks very much for your advice leo feeling really bad today feel like there isnt one part of me thats not sore


LEO - August 23

way to freak her out guys!!!!! she already said shes seen a ton of docs & had all the tests. I agree you should see a rhumetologist to DX fibro, that is what it sounds like or myofascial pain syndrom, check out this list for all possible symptoms of these, yours are certainly on it......
take care :) LEO


JJ - August 23

If you have already seen a cardiologist, then you can say you have probably ruled out cardiac problems. A rheumatologist can help diagnose fibromyalgia or rule it out for you.


TERESA - August 24

Leo there is noone I know on this site that is trying to "FREAK" anyone out. If she has already seen a cardiologist then she might mention it in her post. If she has not already seen a CARDIOLOGIST then she should! They had to do a cardiac cath on me before they could rule out heart problems. Seeing a rheumatologist would not be a bad idea either, if he that you needed to see a cardiologist he'd refer you. I would not want to "freak you out", but heart problems are nothing to mess around with. My father nearly died from heart attack #2 The first one the GP thought was a gallbladder attack. His EKG was normal so they dissmissed it. The reading on this website is less lenghty & easier to understand in my oppinion.


Beverly - August 24

For years I had chest pains. I can't count how many emergencys my husband had to take me. I was admitted twice and and had every cardiac test including stress tests and a camera to watch my heart. It turned out inconclusive. Finally in 2001 I was finally diagnosed as FM. In my case the pain comes from the pectoral muscle which is very near the heart. It does act very much like a heart attack. I get it more often when I'm under a lot of stress. I'm only telling you my story. As many others have posted, don't draw to the conclusion it's FM until the doctors tell you your heart is fine .

My prayers are with you.



trace - August 24

hi teresa im sorry for the misunderstanding about the cardiologist i didnt mean to cause any problems between anyone!!!!!!


sharon L - August 24

I've had chest pain since I was 21 yrs old, now 53, I would go to ER's alot finally I told a doctor I cant keep going to ER's for this pain nothing was showing I had heart problems, he gave me darvocet to deal with the pain and that helped somewhat, I would even have episodes where I would wake up out of a night sleep with the pain it would be on the right side of my left breast shooting upwards after a few minutes for a bad pain spell it would subside, but left me fearful. Now I get the rib pain and spasms on right side like wear your bra hits along side below armpit and it can't affect my chest with a bad spasm which it scary and painful I haven't been able to remedy this yet. Any help would be appreciated.



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