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is there anybody out there?
8 Replies
dezbo - April 28

hi, i am 21 and i think i may have fibromalgia. i went to see a rheumatologist, and she dismissed all of my questions and concerns regarding my symptoms. i had bloodwork done and i don't have lupus or lyme disease or rheumatoid. my ana count was really high, so i was diagnosed with hyper mobility and given anti-inflammatory meds; no help. i am in pain in my neck and back and shoulders, which are very tense and sensitive to the touch, along with a long list of other health issues. after reading about fibro, i feel i may have it, but i feel like no dr. will listen to me. does anyone have any advice? i feel like such a hypochondriac, this is so frustrating i want to scream. i'm pursuing reatment for another dr. but it's nice to know there are many other people going through what i am as well, i hope to get to know more people who understand what i am going through. thanks for letting me bitch! heh heh


ErinB - March 13

I am also fairly young,28, and I also have the symptoms that you have--constant pain in my neck, shoulder and back plus many others--I have gone to a million doctors and most everyone thinks I am a hypochondriac. I have found for me so far, that the things that help most are acupuncture, yoga and exercise--chiropractics helps too if you can afford it. good luck


Linda - March 16

Gosh this is all new to me but I have had fatigue, muscle pain, on and on. I just go down the list. I have seen the word hypochondriac several times now and have labled myself that just the other day!!! Wow maybe we are all crazy...not, just kidding. Yeah I have yet to get diagnosed but it sure is a terrible thing for sure. Good luck and prayers to all!!!


Cheryl - March 24

The pain in the neck and shoulders that squeezes you up so tight and makes your head pound? Yeah, that's my tension headaches for sure! An alternative therapy doctor put my on Monolaurin, what's found in coconut milk. I take 3000 mg. a day. Five pills in the AM, five in the PM. Hopefully it's not killing my liver, but I've researched it, and it seems to be safe. Ice helps too if I catch it early, and massage. But I couldn't live without the monolaurin. I'm going to try accupunture next, since my new insurance covers 28 visits a year. Supposed to work too. I buy mine at
They have the cheapest prices so far. Nobody ever believes you when your young, it sucks! I also use Ultram. (I've been writing that all over this site tonight) It's not a narcotic, so easy to get from your doctor. It works like percocet. It says it's not addictive, but you can't trust their word. Be careful. If you have fibro, it will be for life, and you have to monitor how many meds you take. You have to try to preserve your liver for the next 50 years! I feel better after I exercise, worse when I sit around. Move your body and be positive! You could have many worse things!!


[email protected] - April 3

when my syptoms started I was more than neck and shouldres and right in between my shoulder blades hurt so bad I was crying constantly, Ibuprofen wasnt even taking the edge off, I was lucky to get diagnosed early, and wet for a second opinion,. and the to a ra specialist. they all said yes...fibro, but that was a few years ago, and i hear that an early diagnosis is better, but i still live with the same pain and i run a business, so i take oxycontin to get me thru the day, it doesnt make me tired or loopy, becouse the pain is so great, it just makes my days a little bit more bearable. lol. still on my bad days i am down, emotionally, and physically. I get quite defensive when someone tells me its in my head or drs. say you have it to make you feel better. ha. make who feel better, i know i dont feel better knowing i have this crap that will never go away. dont get me wrong, I am very appreciative i was dx. but people do not understand what this disease, i call it a disease becouse it feels like you want to die some times. you feel like a cry baby and a whiner, and like you want everyone in you pity party. lol. anyway, I am glad that we have these place to vent to lol. and see that I am not the only one who feels like going crazy. :O)


[email protected] - April 5

I have had most of my symptoms relieved with dietary supplements. It is hard to believe. I was not able to climb stairs. Getting to a standing position was extremely painful. Now, a mixture of Glucosamin, Boswellia, Fibromalic, and MSM have me working out and lifting weights. Check out a nutritionist.


HealedLady - April 21

I have the same problem before my doctor FINALLY listened to me. I found out my siblings have Fibromyalgia and the SAME symptoms that I have been seeing my doctor for over a year for. Up to now, all he did was prescribe meds and pills and I am so sick of pills. Now I am on some natural medicines and over-the-counter medicines that help a little bit. I need a chronic pain treatments at a pain center, but until I get health insurance again..... you know the deal. There are doctors out there that will help people like me. My own doctor called me and gave me the number to one. I know that God told him to tell me that because my doc said so himself. Isn't God good? YES HE IS!
I get through each and every day with God's help and strength. My body hurts 24/7, but God gives me the strength to carry on and do what I have to do for my family. Depend on God and He'll bring you out of anything, too.


Anna - April 22

I am fighting for all of us now cause i am trying to take this to all legislators who will listen with proclamations. Do not give up i was diagnosed at 19 with no answers to but i did not give up. Keep fighting keep telling your stories it works. Also there is a doctor you can see who specializes in Fibromyalgia by the name of Dr. Donald Goldenberg in Newton Massachuttes. Need any more advise or just to talk email me at [email protected], you are not alone i am 28 now and still fighting this


LIsa - April 28

Hello..don't know where ya'll live, but I was recently diagnosed at a place called the FibroCare center in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. They have a great website and the chirpractor there has fibromyalgia himself...very caring and me if you want more info or want to share [email protected]



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