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Is there a support group in London, Ontario?
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number1psw - December 30

I haven't been dx'ed yet and will be looking into seeing my GP this coming week. I was :kind of" dx'ed in 2002 but my GP at that time said it's all stress! I can't handle Doctors telling me that anymore. I'm in SO MUCH PAIN! I just grad as a personal support worker and feel so discouraged because I ache everywhere. I have PTSD/depression/anxiety. I have seeing a therapist for 1 1/2 years and see a chiropractor but nothing is working. It's like nobody beleives me or they think it's JUST stress. I'm in tears at night and have to slather on crap like Deep Cold therapy gel... this doesn't help. I'm so frustrated. Is there any groups here in London, Ontario that I can attend? Please help me... anyone. My e-mail addy is [email protected]
I hope someone understands how I feel. I just feel like dying.


Gabbie - December 30

Hi number1psw. It is important that you seek medical help from someone more than a GP. If you have fibro, you need to find a good rheumatologist that will be able to correctly diagnose you and to work with you once you know for certain what you have. Fibro is very painful, has many, many symptoms and unfortunately there is no clear cut test for it. You need to have the proper blood test done to rule out any other problem first. You may very well have fibro but you need to know for certain. Keep in mind that stress can add to the symptoms and it is normal feel depressed and anxious when you don't feel well but don't know exactly why. I am sure I can speak for others on this forum when I say, we do understand because we know first hand what fibro feels like. It has been said many times here that it is the "but you don't look sick" "disorder" and there's nothing more frustrating when people don't really "get it". There is an earlier post on this site on December 28 from "islandguy" with a title of "helping normals understand" that you might find helpful. I am sure that if you search on the web you will be able to find a group where you are but I encourage you to seek out a rheumatologist as soon as possible so you may know for sure if you have fibro. Please stay with this forum as it will help to talk to other people. I wish you well.



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