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Is there a link to emotional abuse and fibro?
4 Replies
cjmaxi - June 11

Wondering if there has been found to be a link between having been emotionally abused while growing up and having fibro?


Cassiel - June 12

Great question!

I'll ask my Psychologist. I have a history of PTSD and am working through abuse issues.
Although I have a history of immune disorders
there's something to be said about the stress
and emotional trauma of abuse on the physical



I am reading some on the info from the blue box on the left and am blown away from the studies that show a link between sexual/physical abuse and fibro....I was sexually abused from todler to age 15 all of which was "swept under the rug". At age 30 my 1st hubby not only had an affair but had a baby with her and kept the relationship going on is secret even though we agreed to try and make our marriage work and he would end his affait. during all of this I became SEVERELY depressed and started seeing a therapst to deal with it...low and behold I ended up not only reliving my abuse as a child but learning to live and cope with it. within 18 months of my marriage ending the joint pain started. Even though I am now in a loving and committed marriage for the last 7 years Fibro has grown and festered inside of me like an adolescent I do believe that this can all be related, after all my hair developed a "skunk patch", my toenails became monster like, my skin became dryer than the Saharrah, I developed GERD and chronic why not Fibro too!!!


mypain - June 17

There was a study conducted recently that suggested that a very high percentage of women diagnosed with FM were abuse as a kid and were in fact abused and only a few men asked in fact indicated that they were abused.


weemama - July 4

I truly believe that being abused as a child has a connection to FM. I was abused mentally by my father and physically by my fathers cousin. I still cry about it to this day.



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