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Is the pain telling us something?
4 Replies
rivermarie - February 21

If we don't listen to our thoughts or emotions, is the pain the last attempt by our body to get us to listen?

I have noticed many people with FMS/CFS have abuse or neglect issues. I know I personally have tons of that in my past and I have always tried to avoid it. I somethings think the pain is my body trying to tell me to deal with the issues. I hope I can honestly and openly deal with some of it here. I don't want to sit with a therapist who hasn't lived my life and cant possibly relate. I'm hoping others here can relate.


Canada17 - February 21

while not dealing with the issues could certainly make the pain worse I don't necessarily agree the pain is our body's way of forcing us to deal with them.

the reason I say this is because there are a great many Fibromyalgia (FM) sufferrers who have these issues, have dealt with them, and still have tremendous amounts of pain.

also, there are many abuse victims who don't develop FM.

Stress is a major contributor to our suffering there is good stress and bad stress and it comes in all different forms.


kvc33 - February 23

I believe that my pain tells me many things. My pain gets worse when I do too much which is telling me to do less. My pain gets worse when I feel stressed which is telling me to de-stress by doing deep breathing and going for short walks. My pain gets worse when I hold one position too long which is telling me to frequently change position. I too suffered from neglect as a child and I feel it in my body every day. The pain and tension says "I want to be loved and nurtured." Unfortunately I can't force people to love me therefore I can only work on loving myself. My bf is very loving but it's not enough for me. It feels like my love tank will never be full and I think that this is both the cause and affect of my depression. I think your pain may be telling you that your body is dealing with the aftermath of your abuse and neglect even if your mind is not consciously focussed on it. The worst part of abuse and neglect is what it does to our self concept. We believe ourselves to be less than we are in every way. We take that into the world and attract more crap. I can't honestly say that I have the answer. I used to think that as an adult I could go out into the world and find love and happiness but with a chronic illness it just attracts more rejection and isolation.


iliveinpain - February 23

Rivermarie I know for sure my family only worsens my pain due to added stress in my life. I've posted on this topic too, and some people have advised me to go 'no contact' with my family. Easier said than done. I think that would be an answer, but really not practical. The guilt would be too much for me to live with. My husband is trying to get me past the guilt phase, because he sees how poorly I'm treated and thinks also that it is very distructive to my well being. I'm working on it, but it's not easy. It's that old saying about you can pick your friends, but not your family. I for sure would not have picked my family if I'd had the choice.


Noca - February 25

I have had been abused/bullied for most of my life. I think that's what has screwed me up so much.



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