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Is pain always a symptom?
2 Replies
Jo - December 4

Very simply, is pain always a symptom of fibromyalgia? I have several symptoms which may be due to fibromyalgia, and i have seen several doctors and blood tests are normal except for slightly positive ANA. A rheumotologist I saw recently believed i probably have fibromyalgia, but i do not suffer from even moderate pain, just varying degrees of stiffness. The reumatologists diagnosis was based on the tender points. My muscles and joints do feel quite tender all over (but not in pain), but not sure if this necessarily means fibromyalgia and not caused by something else.
Please help, rather confused!!


Jean - December 4

Hi Jo: most everyone is confused about the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. It involves so many dfferent parts of the body and can mimic alot of other chronic conditions; such osteoarthritis MS, Lupus and a few others. Usually the pain can be varied according to your day to day activities and stress. Sometimes you may just ache all over as if you have the flu. You can find out if you take anti-inflammtories it will not ease the pain as it would in osteoarthritis. So, with Fibromyalgia you will have feelings of stiffness especially in the morning and also weather tends to show you more discomfort than normal. You might have just a very slight case of it where as others can go to the extreme with the pain. Sometimes this condition comes along with other conditions and it is mind boggling but I don't want to frighten you about it because it is not crippling or life threatening it's just a nuisance and it can change a person life, career, etc. Just keep a record of your pain or stiffness as to what you have done that day and how you felt and this may come in handy for your doctor as time goes on. It can also be possible you don't have this. I've made you more confused but go day to day and see how you do.


[email protected] - December 4

Pain and tenderness is the primary symptom but there are other things that can be related. Stomach problems, vision problems and others please check out the Fibromyalgia Symptoms on this website. The 18 points of tenderness is the determining factor with FMS. Although you do not have to have all 18 but you have to have at least 12. I know how frustrating it is, I had to see 10 Dr's before getting diagnosed. Just don't give up and hopefully you will find the right Dr. to help you. Take care and God bless!



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