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8 Replies
marcos5879 - September 15

I was wondering. Is there any part of the body, any functionof the body, any single thing that this thing doesn't effect? I mean really! The head, the nurves, the guts, the limbs, the blood, the skin, the muscles, the joints.....EVERY SINGLE SYSTEM seems to be getting hit here. It would appear on the outset that it hits each one of us in a different spot, with different intensity, and different outcomes. They say it's non progressive but it looks to me like it goes from eeaahh, to Dear God make it stop!!!!!!!!! That looks progressive to me. I think that is why I am afraid of not having fribro, because holy geez it could be something(s) else that could be really bad. And seriously, how crappy that I should be greatful for it (possibly) being Fibro and not the other options. Greatful FOR THIS!!!! I get to live like this for the rest of my days, greatful it's not what it MIMICS. All the joy of the symptoms, without the deadly outcome. The Pain, the treamors/spasms, tingling, IBS, GERD, Virtigo, Fog, and general depressions assosiated........just because. Do not get me wrong I have a family I do NOT want to leave behind, but man, this is not the train I baught a ticket for! Thank you all for being the support to eachother when the rest just don't understand.


marcos5879 - September 15

After reading that it sounded like a suicide note.
IT'S NOT! Just wanted that clear. It's a thank you to all who help one another.
A couple of you have help me already so much and I see a lot of "thank you for your post" and not a lot of "thank you, you got me through a dark spot" .

Well thank you, you should know who you are, you got me through a dark spot and I think you know it. Or I think you should know it.


Fantod - September 15

Hey marcos5879 - You are right on the money with your observations. I tend to treat my own situation like a 12 step program - one day at a time and one step at a time. For the most part, it keeps things manageable. And, it always helps to have other people around in the same situation to keep your perspective real. I try to focus on the things I have in my life that are a positive to stay motivated. Even if it something simple like a good cup of coffee. None of us signed up for any of this but I think we all do the best that we can with this debilitating illness. You can either choose to let it rob you blind and keep fighting. My current motto: If you are going through hell - keep going!


niecsey - September 16

Hi there lm new and due to see the rheumy for the 1st time in 13 days it cant come quick enough as l have been ill for so long and l think lm ust over a really bad flare and to be honest it got to the point were lm thinking dear lord lve got something terrible and theyve left me to rot and now it must be too late l felt that bad! trying not to stay on net to long otherwise my back will start thinking of you good luck x


VictoriaB - September 18

It's really weird that we Fibro people can write or say the exact thing that we each go through. Fantod-you're right we have to take it one day at a time-if we think about the BIG picture, it's almost overwhelming!! Thanks you guys-Marcos-hang in there!! V


Shau Marie - September 24

Marcos, I think that we go into overload sometimes and the dark just hits us and consumes our entire being. I think we have to weather these dark times to get to the light. It is a discovery period and we learn a lot about ourselves and the inner strength we pocess. I have my dark times and I hide in my cave and try to resolve it. In time I am ready to fight again. It is all part of the symptom cycle that I help people with in the Living Well program. I hope you came out of the darkness fighting, cuz this fibro needs a butt kicking. I hope you are feeling stronger today :)


FibroGal - September 25

Hi, Marcos. I am new to the forum and your post really spoke to me today.

I joined the forum today because I am having a particularly bad fibro week. I was diagnosed with primary fibro about 6 years ago. It took a very, very long time for me to accept that fibro is what I have and not something worse. Sometimes I still worry that I've been misdiagnosed but peace of mind comes from knowing the history and the facts that show it's just fibro. Like you, I am grateful for the fibro in the sense it is not degenerative.

This week, my pain has been especially bad and I'm exhausted. I have been overexerting myself with work. Of course, exercise is just not an issue. I still don't know yet how to manage my tasks in such a way that it will not negatively impact me.

I just want to encourage you and say your post read like something I could have written. I'm glad you were honest about your feelings and have a place to put them down. Hopefully, it is helpful for you to get it off your chest as well it is helpful to others like me who know exactly what you're expressing. Take care, friend.


hellou - September 29

Hi Marcos your post has really touched me. I am feeling exactly the same. I have often been on here advising and supporting people and suddenly for weeks on end this thing has hit me to the point where no amount of medicines, supplements, support or diets will help. I have got myself into a negative spiral and when I thought that I had experienced all of the symptoms of this awful illness I now have visual problems that is freaking me out. Am currently convinced that I have MS too. Have had two falls downsatirs in last few months which have not helped. Anyway enough about me. All I can say is that I know EXACTLY how you are feeling. Just keep using this site and find some comfort in knowing that as awful as the illnes is you are not alone. Once it allows you a small break from its tight grip you will start to move forwards because as we both know there are things out there that will help us. We just have to try to break out of the dark to go and try them Good luck


iliveinpain - October 2

Hey I feel the exact same way as you do. Left work early today cause the pain in my neck was so bad I literally could NOT hold my head up at my desk. And I know the boss doesn't get it cause I don't LOOK sick, but my God, I'm hurting!!!!! Made an appt. with a new doctor who can't see me until the end of next month. And, I'm sitting here tonite feeling the EXACT same things you mentioned. Thinking that all this pain must be something else, something more serious and hoping that it's only fibro. How sucky is that, to be thankful for such a painful condition that isn't life threatening. Pretty twisted, huh. I absolutely LOVE this site tho, cause we understand each other, and it helps so much to know we are NOT alone in our suffering. Here's hoping for better days for all of us.



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