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Is it Just Me?
4 Replies
JJ1 - February 2

Is it just me, or when you experience a new FMS symptom, do you get a little concerned? Even if it is a symptom that is reported as common, do you worry “is this something I should report to my doctor or is it just another crazy fibromyalgia symptom”? Like heart palpitations….they are on the list of possible symptoms but when I was having them regularly I mentioned it to my rheumatologist and was referred to a cardiologist. I went through the round of tests and all was fine with my heart and now I don’t worry so much when I feel those flutters. Just wondering if this was a common feeling.


larry - February 2

It is not just you. I thought I had bone cancer.


tamodan - February 2

I think palpatations are pretty common but they can also be scary especially if they wake you up at night. That is if you can manage to sleep in the first place!


BrandyO - February 2

I too suffer from heart palpitations and I went through several heart related test.... all were normal. Having had FM for over 40 years I have a tendency to brush every new symptom off as the fibro. Maybe not such a smart thing now that I am almost 53. My latest symptom... electric type shocks in the center of my right palm. Feels like I am being touched with a live wire. Each shock doesn't last long, just a few seconds but it happens over and over again. I see my neurologist next week so I will mention it to her for sure! Take care everyone. Enjoy your weekend! Brandy


tcmby - February 2

hi JJ1... no its not just you. i have been dealing with these heart palpitations for a little while now & they totally suck. i was told everything looked "perfect" but it sure doesn't feel that way when they hit! some days arent so bad & then other days its insane... i already feel like a total pain in the ass where my doctor is concerned so i stopped going in when something new pops up a long time ago. probably not such a good idea like brandy said. its easy to brush things off as "just fibro" but you just never know... its a real dilemma. i'll bet that a ton of people who have fibro (yet dont know it) are written off as hypochondriacs, due to the constant crazy unpredictable symptoms we go through. at least we know we are not alone in this. take care.



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