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Is it is or is it ain't
19 Replies
Vic - November 20

I will try to make this short. Last July I went off of Zolft after being on it for 1 1/2 years for depression and GAD (mentally abusive marriage & divorce). When I was first diagnosed I had aches mostly on the left side of my body (back, shoulder, neck, ribs, chest, lower back and hip) After being on the meds for a short time, the aches went away and didn't return until about a month ago. The aches now are just like they were back then, not constant, migratory and feel better with excercise and stretching (for a short time). On a pain scale i give the usually a 2 but sometimes a 4. I do not feel depressed, I don't think I am having trouble sleeping and I don't think I have the tender points. The Dr. pushed on the particular spots and there was no "jumping through the roof" pain. The pain is more like....I cannot relax my muscles. I have had many tests over the last 3-4 name it I have had it. I have another appointment tomorrow and I would like to get some questions I have clear in my head before I go. Does this sound like fibro or myofascial pain symdrome? Should I go back on Zoloft ? I do trust my Dr. but I always like to get input from people who have "been there done that". Thank you very much!!!


carrie lee - November 20

I yhave FMS sas well as chronic myofascial syndrome and I believe that could very well be what is going on with you but as with everyhting you ashould be sure to make your doc aware and be careful about self diagnosing odc's get their eggos ina clusster hwen we do. Maybe you need the zoloft or something else entirely. Good luck, and be well


Vic - November 20

Do you have the "tender points"? My body seems to crack alot when I stretch...chest, back & shoulders. My Dr. knows that I am going to do research but I know what you mean about the ego. Have you ever tried Wellbutrin? I gained nearly 40 lbs on the Zoloft.


larry - November 20

Do you feel like your adrenaline is running and your body won't relax despite the fact that you are not nervous or anxious??


Vic - November 20

what does it feel like to have your adrenaline run? I teach aerobics 3 days a week....I always feel better on the days I teach but the aches don't really change. The stretching helps for a short time but they eventually come back.


Vic - November 20

One more note....sometimes when I over-do at aerobics the pain is a little more intense. My class is very early in the morning...if I over-do the more intense pain hits late in the day or the next day. Make sense?


Virg - November 20

Hi Vic yes it does for me. If I'm really physically active one day Iike overdoing it hits me 2 - 3 days after.


Vic - November 20

The thing that has me puzzled the most is the fact I don't seem to have the "tender points"......and that it seems to be mostly on my left side. Virg....while you are active does it feel better....almost like if you take your mind off of will go away...but it always comes back in the same spots?


JJ1 - November 20

I don't have the classic tenderpoints yet I have been diagnosed with fms. I have sore points on occasion. My worst symptoms are fibro-got/fibro-fatigue.


Vic - November 20

fibro-got? Out of all of the tests I have had I have been (physically) diagnosed with Gerd and the beginnings of osteoarthritis in my lower back.I don't think that is where my upper back pain is coming from. I'm not a Dr. but the pain I have now is the same as it was 4-5 years ago.


Vic - November 20

Can you tell I have dealt with this for awhile ? The only releif I got was the Zoloft....or so I think. It just seems awful funny that I go off of it in July/06 and now it is back. I'm sure like many of you....The medical world had to prove to me that it wasn't something physical before I believed it was mental. Can you say MRI's, CT's, stress tests, blood tests, EKG's,x-rays, ultrasounds, chiro visits and even a surgery to remove a bone spur on my shoulder.


carrie lee - November 21

Vic, I have to disagree with you this is not mental it is a very real physical illness. The Zoloft could have been for depression form your pain or to actually help improve your pain, some ant-depressents work on the serotonin levels in your body whhich it is believed that those of us with fibro have a lack of. But hwhatever you do do not think that this is a mental illness, it most vertainly isnt, We all have an invisible disease called fibromyalgia and while most of out symptoms our similar there are times when you wil experience new symptoms that your doc may not even know if it is related or not. Good luck for you today and here is to a well day as well


TERESA - November 21

The classic tender points is how they dignosis FMS. You have to have 11 out of 18. I don't think this means the same points everytime. Mine are not the same all the time. Sometimes the are more promenant on one side ( usually on the left ) than the other! As I have said in the past, you need to GENTLY nudge your doctor in the right direction if you think he/ she isn't GETTING IT!! Being well informed is what every patient should BE! Most DRs don't like it if you diagnosis yourself but you can usually suggest certain tests or different meds that you feel will work. Sometimes that makes them think in a different! Hope this helps!


JJ1 - November 21

I was told that the tenderpoints are used to diagnose those with FMS for the purpose of clinical trials, but that not all FMS sufferers have the tenderpoints (me being a case in point). Oh, and earlier, I guess my FMS was hitting me hard -- "Fibro-got" was supposed to be "Fibro-fog" -- i do got it, lol.


Vic - November 21

When I said mental I was talking more about the depression. When I was depressed the pain was more intense and it kicked my hyprocondria (sp) into high gear. So that is why I needed proof that I wasn't dying from something. I just got back from the Dr. and he said he thought mine was more of a myofascial pain but that fibro is treated with the same drugs. I had back x-rays taken recently and lo and behold I have the start of osteoarthritis in my lower and upper back (I am 42). I just found out what the upper back x-ray said today. My mom just had both of her knees replaced because of osteoarthritis.....thanks mom. He has put me on Cymbalta. When I think back I don't remember which came first the pain or the depression. My ex just added fuel to an already raging fire....but that's another story. Have any of you taken Cymbalta? If you have did it work for you? Thank you all very much!!!!


barbar - November 21

Vic, the pain at the tender points is not necessarily a "shooting through the roof" kind of pain, although it can be. It is truly a tenderness and overall ache that continues to hurt---sometimes more---after the point has been pushed. The whole point of the tenderpoint test is that we hurt when we don't even realize that what we are feeling is pain. We just have this overall sense of feeling down. I realized it was pain when one day I just uttered out loud, "Why does everything hurt?" It wasn't a shout, just a simple statement. But because FMS is a disease of the ligaments and joints, it is experienced as an 'all-over' ache or fatigue. It is also very difficult to distinguish between FMS and myofacio disorders. I've tried Wellbutrin---which is contraindicated for Ultram, one of the better pain killers--- and now I am on the updated version. I am also on Cymbalta, which is directed at both the serotonin levels and at the physical pain resulting from depressed levels of the serotonin. I found both to be helpful. One of the best meds I've found is Carbatrol, a muscle relaxant. But the only true relief I have found is from "the patch", at 75mgs. We each need our own individual 'cocktails.' Good luck, Vic.


Wanda - November 21

I don't take Zoloft but do take Lexapro. I got off of it for about 4 weeks just to see how I did and I had a very long bad flare. I think the antidepressants just help keep the muscles relaxed and taht helps our pain some. I never quit hurting but I guess you just learn to life with it. Try to keep active and positive. God bless.



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