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Is it fibromyalgia?
6 Replies
mlibetti - September 11

I have been suffering from chest pain for the past 3 1/2 years. I have all the typical test, EKG, Stress Test, Echo, etc done numerous times, with the results coming back fine. My doctors are at a loss. The chest pain gets so bad that I have a hard time breathing, and start to get dizzy spells. At times I can arch my back and I hear a craking sound (like craking your back) down the center of my chest which relieves the pain for only seconds. I have a lot of muscle tightness, and just recently been getting a lot of headaches, eye twiches, and pain in my legs. Please if anyone can give me some insight.


Jolie - September 9

Hi! wow, you sound JUST like me! I have chest pain too, that is relieved by the cracking in my chest. feels just like a back crack, but in the front! I was diagnosed with costochondritis when the chest pain started 5 years ago, then it progressed to myofascial pain syndrome (the cracking & snapping is very common with CMP) then was diagnosed with fibro about 6 months ago. I also have a hard time breathing & ALL tests from CAT scans to EKG's were 100% fine. It is baffling isn't it. I have pain in my chest that feels like emphysema or lung cancer! I can't breathe properly & junk gets trapped in my throat all the time.... the pain comes from a lack of blood flow to those chest muscles, when they are oxygen deprived they get stuck & you get the cracking noises & pain. heat & massage can help, but not much. doctors really don't seem to have a clue more than half the time! I was so worried something was being missed. the stress of constant pain in the chest can start a cascade of stress-related symptoms like the ones you describe. I have all sorts of weirdo stuff now too. It is hard not to feel scared. look at this link about myofascial pain in the chest it should make you feel a little better........................ .....................also this book is really starting to help me after years of agony ..................................
...................hope this helps you, please write back & let me know, Jolie :)


allie - September 11

I have also suffered from serious chest pains. I take percocet when it is worst. something really simple that has helped me is a plain tennis ball. you can massage your knots out front and back with it and can help with this kind of deep gnawing pain. it doesn't go away completely but it helps.


Debra - September 11

Your Answer:
Hello to everyone.I have found the problem that started this whole thing.For many months you all know that there were people out here pretending to be me.This is the reason for it.I had commented here on this post about a book, i think that we have all given are fare share of comments out here and there is nothing wrong with that at all.Its an open fourm out here to try to help one another any way we can.Whether it be sugesting a book,cream,therapy and so on.Because of this simple comment that i said here these as i call them the book guys started to call me and lots of other people really bad names and played a very long sick game here.Again just because of a book.This must have taking them alot of time and effort to use some of our names and go on and on.I dont care to cut up the book because it might have helped some of you out here,but these books guys the real trolls really played a number on me and you to.God forbid if you ever really made them more angry then they all ready are,they might have tried to find you and hurt you.I know who you are and i know that this stupid game that you have played is over now for good.I really did not deserve what you have done to me and how you used my name to get people to dislike me.That is very cruel.Please end this now. Thank You. Debra....


allie - September 11

this topic has nothing to do with you. I have read some of your other posts before and you seemed like a nice lady, but you are acting really crazy now. if people want to read about the other thing they can read your posts, you shouldn't be putting these remarks everywhere. you have monopolized half of the subject page! I am not going to fight with you too, so I will not reply anymore. take care.


allie - September 11

I'm sorry debra i should keep out of this .but you know who i really am.DONT YOU]]]]]]]]]


Jolie - September 11

Hi mlibetti, did you find my post helpful? It always helps to know that other people can relate to what you are going through. I have also used a tennis ball to mash out the knots. It does help. It feels really weird doing it in the front. you can do it against a wall. You will hear BIG cracks and releases when you do. It's strange. Hope this helps you.



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